Jennifer Rosenberg

Jen Rosenberg is a historian who has had a lifelong passion for history. She has been a fact-checker for several books and a writer for both online and offline publications.


Jen is an avid reader and researcher of history who enjoys learning about the past. In addition to the hundreds of articles she has written for this site, Jen's writings have also been published in several encyclopedias. Jen was the author of the "Forward" in the Idiot's Guide to the Great Depression. She has also been a fact-checker for a number of publications, including The Holocaust Chronicle and The Civil Rights Chronicle.


Jen received her bachelors degree in history from the University of California at Davis and continued her study of history at graduate school.

Jennifer Rosenberg

The 20th century saw some of the most profound changes in human history. Man flew in the first airplane. Communism grew and fell. Two world wars were fought. Travel with me through the past and explore the adventures in this greatest of centuries.

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