Jennifer's Faith

Christian Testimony of a Transformed Life

Jennifer's Faith
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Jennifer thought she had met the perfect guy until her "bad boy" boyfriend and his bad habits landed her in jail. There she decide to let God back into her life. From that day forward her life began to change. She's now married to the love of her life and firm in her faith in God.

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Jennifer's Faith

A couple of years ago I thought I met the perfect guy for me. I have always been intrigued by the "bad boy" persona. Well, I found out the hard way that being around someone like that takes a toll on everything in your life including your faith.

I Needed a Change

Before long I barely knew who I was. I rarely prayed anymore or even attended church. My life was on a spiral. It was during this time I was arrested. My boyfriend at the time thought alternative smoking habits were okay, even if illegal.

While sitting in my holding cell at the jail, I realized unless I wanted this to be my life, I needed a change.

Letting God Back In

It was then that I opened up my mind and heart and let God back in. Since that time I have met the love of my life, my best friend in the whole world.

He and I just celebrated four months of wedded bliss and we look forward to much more happiness together in our future.

I have God back in my life. I am able to have visits with my son now and help to raise my other son. Even though there is a lot of drama in my life, I trust God with how things are.

I made a 180 degree turn from sin and now I am happy to say my faith is stronger because God is in my life.

Faith is the Glue

The only way my best friend and I were able to meet was by faith. The only way I am able to be the best mom I can be is by faith also. Faith is the glue that keeps my whits about me.

My faith allows me to sleep at night, knowing that God gave his Son as the greatest gift of all time. God had Jesus open his arms in a hug that would last forever, and then die on the cross for me and for all who believe in him. Because of this I have my sins forgiven and can live eternal life with him.

And if anytime in my life someone does test my faith—like so many that have faced death or persecution for their faith—I will say a resounding, yes! I am a Christian woman and yes, I do have a Christ-centered marriage and family. My heart is set on Christ and I don't want it any other way.