JFK and the Mysterious Lincoln Penny

While in a bookstore reading about his favorite president, Dewayne experiences a remarkable coincidence

A year or so ago, I went into our local Barnes & Noble bookstore to just read and hang out like I do sometimes. I'm a published mystery researcher and writer, and I have seen and heard many strange things in my life. This bizarre event, though, is one of the strangest.

My interests in our history and Presidents of the United States is something I treasure.

I have always been particularly fascinated with the life of our beloved late 35th President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and I have many books about him.

I picked up a book about President Kennedy with a couple of others and went to one of the easy chairs to sit down and read. Then I noticed a Lincoln penny with the heads up laying right next to the easy chair that I was about to sit down in. I thought to myself, I can't explain why either, Now wouldn't it be cool if the date of that Lincoln Penny was 1963 -- "Black Friday," the day of President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Texas?

Well, I picked up the penny, the only one laying around close by anywhere -- and it was dated 1963. This was amazing and I couldn't believe it. How in the world did that 1963 Lincoln penny get in that place where I was about to sit down reading a book about JFK?

Something like this is no coincidence. This was a truly spooky and bizarre incident even for me -- an experienced mystery researcher and writer.

Life can really be strange and bizarre at times.

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