Jig Head Worm

Description Of A Jig Head Worm

Jig head types and sizes
These are some of the styles and shapes of jig heads for jig head worm fishing. 2007 Ronnie Garrison licensed to About.com

Also called Shakey Head Worms and Jig Worms, these baits are great bass bait.

What is a jig head worm? It is a way of rigging a worm on a jig head that has become very popular in bass fishing the past few years. It is a simple way to fish and has a sutble action that bass like. In a recent Field and Stream poll of some pro bass fishermen they rated it the top way to catch numbers of bass.

Jigs Have Been Around A Long Time

Lead head jigs have been used for many years for bass and other kinds of fishing. Way back in 1983 I placed fourth in the Georgia Bass Chapter Federation Top Six Tournament at West Point Lake using a 1/16 ounce Slider jig head and a four inch worm, and that type of fishing was not new even back then.

Shapes and Sizes

A lead head can come in many shapes and sizes. Most popular in bass fishing is a round jig head with a relatively big light wire hook. For a long time small jig heads came with small hooks so they were not the best for bass fishing. The first jig head I heard about incorporating a bigger hook was the Spotsticker Jig made in Alabama. It combined small,light jig heads with a big light wire hook and bass fishermen took to it.

A jig head worm is usually 1/16 to 1/4 ounce and has a 2/0 to 3/0 hook. The head comes in many shapes including round, flat head, mushroom and others. Some have spikes or springs on the head where you can attach the head of the worm rather than sliding it down the hook shaft.

Each has its good and bad qualities.

Worms To Use

Rigged with the jig head is a plastic worm four to six inches long. It is usually a straight tail worm like the Zoom Finesse or Trick Worm. When the jig head hits the bottom the worm stands up off the bottom and looks like a small minnow feeding there.

Some heads keep the worm upright longer and some turn it up as you pull the line, but that action is key.

Give a jig head worm a try. It is a very effective bait.