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January 9, 1941 -

Joan Baez, 2015
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Joan Baez, American folksinger, is of Mexican, Scottish, and English descent. Many of her songs have a political message, and she has been an activist for peace and human rights.

Selected Joan Baez Quotations

• My concern has always been for the people who are victimized, unable to speak for themselves and who need outside help.

• Action is the antidote to despair.

• All serious daring starts from within.

• I've never had a humble opinion. If you've got an opinion, why be humble about it?

• Instead of getting hard ourselves and trying to compete, women should try and give their best qualities to men - bring them softness, teach them how to cry.

• It seems to me that those songs that have been any good, I have nothing much to do with the writing of them. The words have just crawled down my sleeve and come out on the page.

• I saw Pete Seeger play when I was 13. I’m still trying to adjust to the fact that he died. Until then I was only singing rhythm and blues, Black music with four chords. The white music around seemed provisional and silly. Then my auntie took me to a Pete Seeger concert and the coming together of social awareness, of courage, of songwriting – that changed everything for ever.

• Hypothetical questions get hypothetical answers.

• The only thing that's been a worse flop than the organization of non-violence has been the organization of violence.

• If it's natural to kill, why do men have to go into training to learn how?

• From the start I had an aversion to anything commercial. They said I was an impossible diva because I insisted on a black stage with one light and a microphone.

• I never felt I was a dreamer, I thought I was a realist. I was obsessed, I had to say what I had to say. And that got me in trouble. Some people would shy away. Other people thought I was right. And I was right about a lot of things. But sometimes people just didn’t want to hear what I was saying.

• It's hard to find something that doesn't have a long way to go. My little motto is "Little victories and big defeats."

• Good morning, children of the 80s. This is your Woodstock, and it's long overdue. at the Philadelphia Live Aid concert

• As long as one keeps searching, the answers come.

• To love means you also trust.

• The easiest kind of relationship is with ten thousand people, the hardest is with one.

• Only you and I can help the sun rise each coming morning. If we don't, it may drench itself out in sorrow.

• You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can decide how you're going to live now.

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