Jodi Picoult Books

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Jodi Picoult published her first book in 1992, and has published about one book every year since then. Picoult's books usually deal with ethical issues and are told from a variety of viewpoints, with each chapter written in a different character's voice. Picoult uses this technique to show multiple sides of a situation and underscore areas of moral ambiguity. Be sure to check out these movies based on Jodi Picoult books. Want to branch out? If you like Jodi Picoult, try these books.

1992 - "Songs of the Humpback Whale"

Simon & Schuster

Picoult's debut novel tells the story of a mother who leaves her husband and takes a cross-country road trip with her daughter. The novel is told in five voices, each recounting the events of a fateful summer. While Picoult uses of many voices in her later novels as well, fans who know her from later works might find "Songs of the Humpback Whale "​slower paced than her more popular books.

1993 - "Harvesting the Heart"

'Harvesting the Heart' by Jodi Picoult
'Harvesting the Heart'. Penguin Group

"Harvesting the Heart" is the story of Paige O'Toole, a woman who was abandoned by her mother when she was five and is plagued with self-doubt from then on. Her dreams and marriage suffer as a result, and eventually, she decides to look for her mother.

1995 - "Picture Perfect"

'Picture Perfect' by Jodi Picoult
'Picture Perfect'. Penguin Group

"Picture Perfect" is a famous anthropologist who marries a movie star. Shortly after getting married, he begins abusing her. The protagonist must work out what to do with the relationship.

1996 - "Mercy"

'Mercy' by Jodi Picoult
'Mercy'. Simon & Schuster

Picoult explores the idea of mercy killing in ​"Mercy." When the police chief's nephew kills his wife, who is dying of cancer and wants him to kill her, the chief is torn between family loyalty and his duty as an officer. In addition to the trial, the novel also deals with the chief's extramarital affair.

1998 - 'The Pact"

'The Pact' by Jodi Picoult
'The Pact'. HarperCollins

"The Pact," tells the story of two teenagers who grew up together and fell in love. When the girl becomes depressed, though, she convinces her boyfriend to kill her. The novel deals with the aftermath and trial.

1999 - "Keeping Faith"

'Keeping Faith' by Jodi Picoult
'Keeping Faith'. HarperCollins

The "Faith" in the title is Mariah's daughter, Faith, but also refers to the fact that the young girl can see God and heal people. Religious controversy is the catalyst for Picoult's latest courtroom drama, which actually centers on a custody case between Faith's mother and father.

2000 - "Plain Truth"

'Plain Truth' by Jodi Picoult
'Plain Truth'. Simon & Schuster

In "Plain Truth," Picoult explores the life of the Amish in Pennsylvania. When a dead infant is found in an Amish barn, a controversy ensues in the local community and the life of one teenage girl.

2001 - "Salem Falls"

'Salem Falls' by Jodi Picoult
'Salem Falls'. Simon & Schuster

"Salem Falls" is loosely based on "The Crucible." The main character, Jack St. Bride, moves to Salem Falls after getting out of prison on a false statutory rape conviction. He hopes to start a new life there, but suspicious townspeople and some malicious teenage girls make that hard for him.

2002 - "Perfect Match"

'The Perfect Match' by Jodi Picoult
'The Perfect Match'. Simon & Schuster

"Perfect Match" is a district attorney whose five-year-old son is sexually molested. The boy is left mute, and the family must deal with the aftermath of the crime.

2003 - "Second Glance"

'Second Glance' by Jodi Picoult
'Second Glance'. Simon & Schuster

When an old man in Comtosook, Vermont puts a piece of land up for sale, he the local Abenaki Indian tribe protests, insisting the land is a burial ground. A series of supernatural events follows, and then eventually a ghost hunter is hired to help convince the residents that there's nothing unusual about the property.

2004 - "My Sister's Keeper"

'My Sister's Keeper' by Jodi Picoult
'My Sister's Keeper'. Simon & Schuster

"My Sister's Keeper" is the story of a girl who sues her parents for a right to make her own medical decisions. Anna was conceived after her older sister was diagnosed with leukemia. She is a perfect match for her sister and spends her life in the hospital donating blood, marrow and whatever else her sister needs to live. As a teenager, she sues so that she will not have to give her sister a kidney. "My Sister's Keeper" covers the life of this family during the trial. See "My Sister's Keeper" Book Club Discussion Questions

2005 -"'Vanishing Acts"

'Vanishing Acts' by Jodi Picoult
'Vanishing Acts'. Simon & Schuster

"Vanishing Acts" is about Delia, a woman who searches for missing people, but whose life has so far seemed idyllic. Then one day Delia has a memory that seems out of place with her life. Suddenly the missing person she is searching for is herself. She must found out what truly happened in her past and who she is.

2006 - 'The Tenth Circle"

'The Tenth Circle' by Jodi Picoult
'The Tenth Circle'. Simon & Schuster

"The Tenth Circle" is about a 14-year-old girl who is raped by her boyfriend. It is also about her father, whose identity as a good man will be shaken in his desire to protect and avenge his daughter.

2007 - "Nineteen Minutes"

'Nineteen Minutes' by Jodi Picoult
'Nineteen Minutes'. Simon & Schuster

In "Nineteen Minutes," Picoult uses her signature style of telling a story from a variety of viewpoints in order to raise ethical questions. This time the topic at hand is a school shooting, and the characters include teenagers who experience violence at their school.

2007 - "Wonder Woman: Love and Murder"

'Wonder Woman: Love and Murder' by Jodi Picoult
'Wonder Woman: Love and Murder'. DC Comics

Jodi Picoult took a break from her usual work to act as lead writer for DC Comics' Wonder Woman series. This is a collection of the comics she wrote, ​"Wonder Woman issues 6 - 10."

2008 - "Change of Heart"

'Change of Heart' by Jodi Picoult
'Change of Heart' - Courtesy Atria.

June Nealon’s daughter needs a heart transplant, and the man on death row for killing the rest of her family wants to donate his. Can June accept his heart? That is the dilemma Picoult raises in "Change of Heart."

2009 - "Handle with Care"

'Handle with Care' by Jodi Picoult
'Handle with Care'. Simon & Schuster

"Handle with Care" is the story of a family with a daughter, Willow, who was born with brittlebone disease, a condition that makes her bones break easily and that limits her height and movement. When Willow is four, her parents decide to sue their OB for "wrongful birth," claiming that Willow's condition should have been diagnosed earlier in the pregnancy so that they could have terminated the pregnancy. Sound controversial? Add to it the fact that the OB is the mother's best friend, who has remained close to the family since the birth, then throw in a neglected and bulimic older sibling, and you have classic Picoult 

2010 - "House Rules"

House Rules by Jodi Picoult
'House Rules' by Jodi Picoult. Atria

Jodi Picoult is known for combining controversial issues, courtroom scenes, and family drama. In ​"House Rules," a boy with Asperger's syndrome is accused of murder. Picoult shifts viewpoints and examines the prejudices surrounding the boy's social disability. While the subject is interesting and the writing is easy to read, the plot is ultimately a little thin and disappoints in the end.

2011 - "Sing You Home"

Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult
Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult. Atria

Jodi Picoult's 2011 release, "Sing You Home," focuses on a lesbian couple who is fighting for the right to start a family. The book includes a unique multimedia feature -- a CD of music that readers are supposed to imagine was written by the main character, who is a music therapist and musician.

2012 - "Lone Wolf"

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult
Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. Atria

"Lone Wolf "​is about a man who is estranged from his father but comes home after his father and sister are in a serious accident. He wants to stop life support to his father so the organs can be donated to his sister, but the decision is complicated by tensions within the family.

2012 - "Between the Lines"

Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer
Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer. Atria

"Between the Lines" is a young adult novel that Picoult co-wrote with her daughter, Samantha Van Leer. It tells the story of a teenage girl who is a loner and who is obsessed with a book. Is it possible the prince in the story could be real?

2013 - "The Storyteller"

The Storyteller

"The Storyteller" relays the story of the unlikely friendship between Sage Singer and Josef Weber. As the two become closer, Josef tells Sage his darkest, most shameful secret that he has kept buried for many years.

2014 - "Leaving Time"

Leaving Time

In ​"Leaving Time," Jenna Metcalf goes to great lengths to uncover the truth about what happened to her mother Alice who had mysteriously disappeared ages ago. 

2015 - "Off the Page"

Off the Page

Jodi Picoult teams up with Samantha van Leer in "Off the Page," a story about fairy tale characters coming to life. As Oliver and Delilah live their lives in the real world, they soon realize that their story back in the book is being rewritten without their control.


2016 - "Small Great Things"

This novel follows the trial of a black labor and delivery nurse charged with failing to comply with the request of white supremacist parents not to touch their newborn, which she must do to save its life.