Johnson: Name Meaning and Origin

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Johnson is an English patronymic name meaning "son of John (gift of God)." The name John derives from the Latin Johannes, which is derived from the Hebrew Yohanan meaning "Jehovah has favored."

The suffix meaning "son," creates several different variations of the Johnson surname. Examples: English son, Norwegian sen, German sohn, and Swedish sson. Jones is the common Welsh version of this surname.

The JOHNSON surname may also be an Anglicisation of the Gaelic surname MacSeain or MacShane.

Johnson was a very popular name among Christians, given the many saints named John, including St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist.

Surname Origin: English, Scottish

Alternate Surname Spellings: Johnston, Jonson, Jonsen, Johanson, Johnstone, Johnsson, Johannsan, Jensen, MacShane, McShane, McSeain

Fun Facts About the Johnston Surname

Johnston/Johnstone combined was the 10th most frequent surname at the General Register Office of Scotland in 1995.

Famous People with the Surname Johnson

  • Andrew Johnson - America's 17th President
  • Lyndon B. Johnson - America's 36th President
  • Caryn Elaine Johnson - AKA Whoopie Goldberg, African American Actress
  • Shawn Johnson - 2008 Olympics gymnastics gold medalist

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