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Art is a cornerstone of my life. You and I might have that in common. I grew up in Britain; after the war, my family was quite poor, which meant we didn’t have any “luxuries” like art supplies. This included drawing paper and pencils – but I was industrious and art was my passion, so I scrounged up charcoal sticks and old newspapers to draw on. As a boy, I visited the local library, sitting until closing time studying and copying the work of the masters, namely Durer. I practically lived there, engrossed in the magic of line and form. There is so much to know about art and its expressive nature; I discovered the world of art young, and I have been immersed in it ever since.

Early on I also discovered that art could be a career. I entrepreneurially traded art with my classmates for desserts and soft drinks. That is, until my mother decided I was spending too much time on art instead of my schoolwork and put a stop on things. In secondary school I got to return to those early artistic roots in a formal setting, and I then tested into a high-level learning institution that specialized in art. There, I took courses in fine arts and design.

After graduation five years later, I knew I wasn’t finished with my personal education. I set my sights on a more expansive education, heading for the powdery beaches and sunnier climates of South Africa. While this relocation might have been related to my desires to leave the never-ending drizzle of Britain, it became part of my artistic life path. My foreign studies opened the door to different artistic mediums and art forms, landing me an assignment in Johannesburg. I was to teach art to the mentally challenged, and at this juncture I discovered a passion for sharing knowledge. It was a sad day when I left my post in South African due to political unpredictability, but the move led me to my family in the Unites States. Mural painting in the upper East Coast led to short-term contract assignment in Boulder, CO, which subsequently led me to my wife, an art professor at Colorado University.

Today, my free time is spent viewing animals in their wild habitat from the comfort of my cozy log home just outside of Boulder. Regardless of where I am, whether it be in a library in Britain, the beaches of South Africa, or the mountains of Colorado, I always find and relish the beauty in my surroundings. I crave surroundings that elicit an emotional response from my artistic soul. In March 2008, I decided to share my love of art. I credit my time in Johannesburg as a source for my desire to develop my own website, which enables me to share my artistic knowledge and passion on a global scale. This project is a work in progress. If you have a passion for art, check back often. I want you to feel like a member of my growing artistic family.

Keep drawing!



 Teaching art in Johannesburg for the mentally challenged which includes; fibre arts, drawing and sketching, hand weaving and spinning, dyeing yarns and manufacture of woollen products. This also included setting up a computer school teaching the art of pixel manipulation.

Arriving in the US I set up a faux painting company in Arizona and from there I was lucky to  get contracts throughout the USA. But the call to teach kids was strong which took me back to Europe on teaching assignments in Holland.


 Educated in Secondary schools in Britain, Stourbridge College of Art in Worcestershire and then under the tutelage of Andre Vesteer in Natal University (now Kwa-Zulu.) Andrew became known globally as the master of contemporary art.

At this time, I am teaching art online from beginners to advanced levels

Jon Mumford

 If you have the urge to pick up a pencil and start sketching meet me here on and we can chat about how and where you can actually start your drawing career. You'll be taken across a series of steps where you will gain confidence at each step. 

To gain the skills of drawing with the confidence of a professional, you must have a passion for drawing and fine arts. Once there, I will show you successful ways of how to market your artwork.

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