Jonathan Gromer

Jonathan Gromer has been an automotive journalist for over 25 years. Unlike many things he’s done for quarter of a century, the constant excitement and drama of surveying the automotive world never gets old.  


Jonathan Gromer first stepped into the world of automotive journalism back in 1987 as a research assistant at Popular Mechanics Magazine. Art departments commissioned artists to paint vast canvases for features, the cars of Miami Vice was a hot topic and a full-size truck that wasn’t made by Dodge, Ford or GM was unthinkable in the US.

Since then he’s cranked out over 1,300 articles for clients from Men’s Health to America Online, with reprints appearing everywhere from to The Green Congress. Along the way he’s experienced many facets of the automotive world, having the honor of serving as a Contributing Editor at Popular Mechanics, a Producer in charge of editorial content for the America on Wheels Museum, an editor of two published books and a public relations associate for General Motors.


Jonathan majored in Economics at Cornell University, but his real education came from the humbling experience of working with living legends growing up. Legends like Joe Oldham, Fred Mackerodt, Don Chaikin and his father, Cliff Gromer—men who lived life to the fullest in the golden age of horsepower and have mastered the mystery of knowing what’s going to be hot, how to write Ken Purdy-candidate stories in an hour or less and how to effortlessly bundle a jumble of stories into an attention-grabbing package.

When your childhood memories involve your dad sliding a Corvette out of a parking lot sideways, breaking T-Rex and telling raucous tales of what the International Motor Press Association’s “Flaunt Your Incompetence Day” was like, ‘sensible’ jobs like accounting lose their luster. Jon’s very thankful for his understanding wife.

Jonathan Gromer

Few American icons have taken on a soul of their own like trucks. Trucks are more than a vehicle choice…they’re a lifestyle. A battle-scarred F-250 was the heart of my family’s livelihood during a stint in contracting. An equally worn Silverado 2500 HD refused to quit as the star player of another family venture we had in snow removal. As outdoor junkies my wife and I tuck our mini-cation gear that we can’t squeeze into the bed around our three little ones and as Craigslist addicts we shamelessly cram everything from couches to fishtanks into the sheer space a truck offers. You’re here because you want to get the most for your money—be it performance, utility, versatility, fun or all of the above. I’m right there with you. If there’s anything that you want to see more of on these pages, give me a holler! If what you see here doesn’t get you excited about what you can do with your truck or what the future holds for the truck enthusiast then, simply put, I’m not doing my job right. 

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