Julia Travers

I am a news, educational and creative writer who often covers science, technology and the arts.

I love to explore how the world around me works and to write stories about what I learn. 

Check out more of my work at jtravers.journoportfolio.com.


I have been a writer for six years. You'll find my work with NPR, Discover Magazine, Earth Island Journal, The Public Library of Science (PLOS),  LabRoots, EnviroNews, Civil Eats, Minding Nature and other publications. 

I'm also a former teacher and curriculum writer. I taught the topics I now write about in a variety of settings, from public school PreK-12 classrooms to science and children's museums. 


I have a BA in Literary and Cultural Studies from The College of William and Mary.

I have a BFA and Meritorious Teaching License in Art from Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Julia Travers

 Writing about science and technology is a dream come true. 

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