Jupiter and Saturn: Balancing Act in the Birth Chart

from Astrologer Eileen Grimes

Jason Hetherington/Getty Images.

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A Planetary Duo

There are the luminaries, the Sun and Moon.  Then there's the planets of love and attraction, Venus and Mars.  And another natural pairing in astrology is that of Jupiter and Saturn. 

What ties these pairs together is polarity - the realization that both points of view, although opposite, are necessary in learning perspective in life. 

There is a wonderful sense of maturity when we can understand two sides of an issue - whether that comes from a message outside of ourselves, or we just realize it on our own.  That's when we can actually get bigger than one side of an argument.  

Opposites That Don't Really Attract

Why is that important?  It gives us an ability to grow, and understand others and ourselves much more deeply.  Jupiter and Saturn truly are opposites that perhaps don’t really attract, but they do teach us about growth and maturity. 

How do Jupiter and Saturn actually work together?  Let's consider how in our social and professional life we are given opportunities to expand our social world.  WIth Jupiter’s blessing, we are awarded with doors opening at the right time, for the things we want to do.  This can be an amazingly exciting process; just when we’re looking for that something that will help us evolve and move ahead in life, it happens, literally without any effort.


It's worth saying that sometimes the opportunities of Jupiter don't look like opportunities at all.  In fact there might be some kind of loss associated with Jupiter’s presence through a transit of some sort. 

If this happens, this generally means that there has to be something moved out of the way so that the opportunity the impediment had been blocking, can make itself known.

  Jupiter’s gifts might be disguised as something painful at first, but lead to a much better situation later.  

Bubbles Burst by Saturn

There is a natural optimism and uncontained feeling about Jupiter.  Sometimes Jupiter brings to mind that old adage of “too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”  When we are in the grips of a Jupiter moment, we can feel like the sky is the limit, and our feelings of hope and faith are inflated. 

Indeed, Jupiter acts like a confirmation that God is indeed blessing us, that everything is going right.  With Jupiter, we have growth and opportunity that don’t require a lot of work from us.  We are literally handed the keys to the kingdom without any real work on our part, and think we can live life without restraints.  That is, until we meet Saturn

Balancing Double-Act

Saturn is the down to earth, lets get real planet.  And that makes Saturn, Jupiter’s true polarity.  Saturn is literally an antidote to Jupiter when we're flying into the universe on jovial currents, without restraint. 

Even though this looks like a huge buzz-kill, we need Saturn to help us cut through the hyperbole so that we can actually see whats really going on.  Saturn cuts right through the crap and will immediately adjust our unrealistic expectations.

  Without Saturn, Jupiter means nothing -- because as we experience the highs, the lows will give us perspective.

The Lighter Side Meets Reality Sandwich

We can also look at this from the flip side.  Whereas Saturn helps Jupiter get real, Jupiter is also the antidote to Saturn.  Funny to think of it this way, but let's consider how it would work. 

When one gets completely sucked down into Saturnian muck, and it feels like that sometimes, Jupiter comes along and kicks Saturn out of his depression, and tells it to lighten up and have some fun. 

It can be a cycle back and forth as a happy medium is sought.  Jupiter first with its grandiosity and big plans, next Saturn with its reality sandwich, and then once the reality gets redefined and grounded, we can bounce back to Jupiter for more layers of inspiration….and so on.

  That is truly a great way to live in sync with these two.  And realize whatever planet is working at the moment within us is necessary for wherever we are in our own creative process.

When Jupiter and Saturn Tango

As someone who has Saturn and Jupiter connected by aspect in her own (birth) chart, I see this frequently. It is easy to get fully charged with that Jupiter feeling and go half-cocked into something without thinking through all the aspects first, before making a move.  I find myself, sometimes, getting excited about a new project, but if Saturn isn’t on board, I can just as well forget it.  

Saturn really tests our mettle and commitment to something we are doing.  Without it, Jupiter is just going through the motions.  And if whatever one is doing doesn’t come easy -- and haven’t thought something completely through -- then it stops right there.  Jupiter brings ideas and inspiration, and Saturn grounds and establishes them in real time, and life.    

We need them both in good working order to make life happen.