Jupiter as Star of Destiny

Leaps & Bounds

Credit: Jimmy LL Tsang / Getty Images.

 Jupiter is the only planet that's totally beneficial in Astrology.  Even the squares -- and other hard aspects -- are positive, opening up the tension to get the lucky flow going.

Jupiter is the archetype of the wise adviser, pointing each of us, and all of humanity toward its highest potential. If Jupiter is presiding over a philosophical discussion, you can count on there being an elevated atmosphere.

Jupiter rules spiritual wisdom, where soul and intellect -- and more -- meet and we act on its promptings.

In Jupiter, each of us has a cosmic cheerleader, if we are willing to do the footwork. It’s the planet that drops hard-to-miss hints on the path. The signs of Jupiter alert us to sense of being where we're supposed to be, doing what we're supposed to be doing. When Jupiter's force is with us, we are aligned with our highest goals. Jupiter's gifts keep us encouraged, so we’ll stay inspired and keep on the path of destiny.

Jupiter is visible with the naked-eye an often very bright. The Greeks linked this familiar planet with Zeus, the king of the gods, and honored him as “light-bringer.” The Romans later called on Jupiter to preside over philosophy, religion and government.

With Jupiter in the house, the discourse is lifted up from the petty and mundane. It's the archetype of a regal presence that evokes the lights of truth-seeking and morality, as the motivator for human affairs.

Jupiter is also a guide to the future, and stands at the leading edge of awareness. When natal planets are engaged by Jupiter, there can be future visions and grand, expansive opportunities. It’s the path that leads us beyond known limits, and is constantly expanding our perspective.

Guiding Light

In today’s astrology, Jupiter is still a path marker for the inspired life.

To follow Jupiter is to heed the signs and serendipities that shout out possibility. There’s a sense of fate, to these offerings, and they kindle something within. A Jupiter-wise person takes these leaps of faith, knowing they’ll bring luck and growth as a reward.

Some scholars say it was a rare Jupiter conjunction with Saturn that led the Three Magi, or magicians as the Star of Bethlehem. Jupiter rules journeys and seeking, and the two come together in travel that widens our horizons. It’s always been visible in the night sky, as a beacon to remind us of a unity with the cosmos. And that to heed the signs is to be led by the divine mind within that is aligned with a higher order.

Benevolent and Wise

  • In ancient Greece and Rome, Jupiter was often shown in the center of the Zodiac, as the wise sage that’s a guide to a universal order.
  • Jupiter rules all the areas where a society-wide standard of universal order is sought; these include religion, publishing, philosophy and the legal profession.
  • Jupiter inspires us to seek a mission greater than ourselves; its sign and house position are clues to following that path.
  • Jupiter is known as the fortune bringer, but as the saying goes, we have to be prepared for those moments when the doors of opportunity open.

    Rewards, Lucky Times

    • Jupiter’s role is to expand, while Saturn’s role is to consolidate; the two are often talked about together, since both are necessary for satisfying growth.
    • When Jupiter's influence leads to excess, the faith in the Self is overblown, and there’s a tendency toward delusions of grandeur, overspending, being full of hot air!
    • When Saturn is overweighted in this pair, Jupiter's optimism can be stifled, and opportunities to grow, missed.
    • Jupiter says go for it, think big, while Saturn’s influence is to keep shaping dreams within the bounds of reality.

    Jupiter Rules

    • Jupiter rules the mutable fire sign Sagittarius, and the 9th house of higher learning, travel and the quest for meaning. Jupiter was also the traditional ruler for Pisces, but modern astrology gives that role to Neptune.
    • Jupiter's association in medical astrology is with the liver, circulation of the blood, and problems from overeating (gas, indigestion, bloating).
    • Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, which guides the search for a higher call toward the values of empathy, compassion and nurturing.
    • Jupiter’s moniker in traditional astrology is as the “Greater Benefic,” since it benefits us, drawing each of us toward growth and good fortune.

    Golden Thread

    • Jupiter is associated with divination and astrology; these practices show an overarching meaning or story that's unfolding in our lives.
    • Jupiter’s themes are lifelong, and it's important to see what's in bold, what makes the heart sing. It's the planet of following your bliss.
    • When we heed Jupiter’s call, it fortifies the spirit, gives us a sense of trust in the way things are going into the future. It inspires optimism.
    • Jupiter opens doors and brings allies, so look to your Jupiter for clues as to how they show up. Jupiter transits are times to be on alert for these kinds of 'gifts' from the universe -- opportunities, fruitful encounters, a leg up with work, some unexpected resources (money or materials), an inspired new friend.