Jupiter in Leo - Jupiter Transit

Credit: John Lund/Paula Zacharias Creative / Getty Images.

With Jupiter in Leo, it's showtime!  A year to flourish as the one whose name is in lights in your own life.  The celebs and reality stars that distract like holographic phantoms are given the hook off stage. 

Any dramas and memes that could derail your day bounce off the fixed sign focus of sunny Leo.  It's a year to burst onto the scene, and shine!

Jupiter moves in a 12 year cycle, and here are the dates.


Jupiter Leo Years

August 1, 2002 to August 27th, 2003

July 16th, 2014 to August 12, 2015

June 29th, 2026 to July 25th, 2027

June 12th to Nov 16th, 2038 / Jan 16th to July 7th, 2039

Sept 27th, 2049 to Jan 13th, 2050 / May 22nd to Oct 18th, 2050

Exuberant Me

The unapologetic Me, Me, Me of Leo can firmly align you to your highest, most self-affirming path.  If you've gotten sidetracked by others, or your heart's not in it, in some areas, Jupiter cheers you on for a comeback. 

Jupiter lights the way to good things.  And it all sprouts spontaneously out of your unique being.  For a year, Jupiter (in Cancer) has guided us through the underwater caverns of our origins and well of creativity.  

Jupiter's year in Leo inspires now sharing all that protectively guarded inner treasure, as outer sparkle.  Yes, there is risk in showing up, and revealing your self in vivid color. 

And yet, Jupiter makes sure the rewards come, and post haste, to those that dare to live out loud.

  A primary gain is in faith, well-being and self-respect.  Even if the accolades don't come, the growth comes from the doing -- fire signs are spirit in motion.      

A Workable Growth-Spurt

To reap the rewards of Jupiter, there's the whole thing of going about it in a Saturn approved way.  Jupiter and Saturn are natural partners in the birth chart, and when transiting.


While in Leo, Jupiter makes an angle to Saturn (in Scorpio) through 2014 and then again at the end of the transit with an exact square.  The square means there's pressure to merge the two forces  -- expansion and consolidation -- and it can get messy before a new structure is created.   

The enthusiasm to really stretch into your true creative potential, could be a catalyst for inner (soul-psyche) transformation.  It could even demand a kind of death of the old, outgrown self to make room for more of your natural color and shine.   

This too is a gift as Saturn keeps it real -- and in perspective.  Saturn is quality control to the enthusiasms of Jupiter.  That way, the gains of Jupiter are hard won, and have the substance of the genuine article.  Be encouraged! 

Some Jupiter Leo Bundles

  • Creativity for its own sake widens your world, and generates luck, draws allies. 
  • A love affair for the ages.  Relationships begin with ardent passion, play and a generosity of spirit.
  • The spirit of play is a reviving current, at work, out in public and at home.
  • Expanding your circle of friends, with those that champion your talents, big personality, and ability to be a way shower.
  • The higher values that attract are dignity, generosity of spirit, a playful heart. 
  • Compelling leaders that appeal to the noble qualities in people, not the lowest.
  • An emphasis on achieving on merit, not succumbing to mediocrity.
  • Investing bigtime in leisure -- games, sports-for-fun, parties, grand spectacle-type events, showy entertainment.
  • Holidays are especially memorable, with lavish or fun themes.

Dramatic License

Jupiter goes big via all things Leo -- entertainment (cinema, dance, music, putting on a show during a presentation.)  In tough times, Jupiter Leo lures us to seeing life writ large, with epic stories of overcoming against all odds. 

Jupiter guides investments that bring a big return, and the realm of inspiriting media and entertainment is a sure thing.  People are craving meaning and to see stories that match the epic changes of our times.  Some areas that could flourish are the theatre and movies, comedy that's cathartic with truth in it and memoirs of extraordinarily courageous people.


Jupiter Return

If Leo is your Jupiter sign, you're now in your Jupiter Return.  You can discover your Jupiter sign by looking at the Jupiter Sign Table.  Of course, you can also find your Jupiter sign by generating a free birth chart.

A Jupiter Leo person grows by leaps and bounds when taking risks -- in love, taking the lead and creative expression. 

During your Jupiter return, your natural passions are stoked, and fate seems to smile on you.  It's a year to savor, with lucky breaks and surprises.  You could fall in love with yourself, your life's work, a child or life itself.

Jupiter is in Leo every 12 years, as it circles the other twelve signs of the Zodiac.