Jupiter in Libra - Jupiter Signs

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 Jupiter Libra is a match-maker extraordinaire and a natural collaborator.  He or she is in the fortunate groove, when trusting -- and expressing -- the heightened Libra instinct for balance. 

Jupiter is a guide to the highest path of growth, and what's usually up when we're feeling lucky.  That's why Jupiter Libra senses that matching up with the right person, will set off exponential growth.   

They know the power of a great match, in love, friendship and business.

  They could play Cupid, and have an eerie sense of who matches best with who.  They're likely socially expansive, with lots of contacts to draw from.  You might hear them say, "Let me put you in touch with so-and-so..."  And it's likely it's a thoughtful pick, and possibly a life-changer.    

These guys and gals are bridge builders because they are able to detach and "walk in another's shoes."  They shine in the role of mediator, because they're impartial, and have social graces.

Jupiter is a tip off for values, so with airy Libra, we see someone who can take the bird's eye view.  That gift gives them an objecive edge -- they can see beyond their own narrow interests or perspective.  That's why going into law or counseling could appeal, as well as all kinds of writing or public speaking. 

Jupiter Libra finds that doors open when he or she is demonstrating fair-mindedness, the power of persuasion and an appreciation for beauty.


Your luckiest time is when Jupiter is in Libra (2016 to 2017).  And this is known as your Jupiter Return.

Is this your Jupiter Sign?   

A Well-Developed Aesthetic

Venus rules Libra, so this Jupiter finds its way with venusian preoccupations -- love, relating and the arts.  Jupiter Libra has an eye for beauty, style and what's artful.


Some gravitate naturally to the arts, from interior design to fashion, or social observer kinds of media. 

They might have an air of something old-fashioned called social etiquette.  And this earns them some admiration, and also trust -- you know they will give you a fair shake. 

There's something artful about his or her Look, too.  It can be important to develop a personal style -- your brand, to use current lingo.  Jupiter Libra may be a style consultant, or simply be the "go to" friend for advice on what to wear! 

This extends out to the public realm, when Jupiter Libra goes into business, likely with another as co-proprietors.  They shine in businesses that are social, like a salon, a cafe or a boutique. 

Serendipity for Two? 

Jupiter is symbolic of the part of us that just knows when we're on the right path.  Things fall into place, the right people cross our path, etc.  It's not always a cakewalk, but something inside says despite the struggle, my life journey is taking me in the right direction. 

It's awkward at times for Jupiter in Libra, the sign that's always weighing the options, or balancing with others.  It's a very personal thing, the right path.  If too involved with others, Jupiter Libra loses its way.


Jupiter is best when acting alone, writes Kevin Burk in Understanding the Birth Chart, adding, "The confines of one-to-one relationships are too limiting and structured for the freedom-loving, independent, and expansive Jupiter."

Some clues come looking at the Aries-Libra polarity, to ponder the dynamic between acting solo, and acting with another in mind.  Libra is attempting to harmonize all the options and is also keenly aware of the impact of their actions on the other.  It can lead to the classic Libra trait of dithering. 

In his book on Spiritual Astrology, Per Gullfoss puts it this way: 

"When Aries suffers from partial insight, it is concerned only with its own aim and has no appreciation for diplomacy.  When Libra suffers from partial insight it has too much diplomacy, able to see two sides of a situation and feel agreeable to both, endlessly circling, unable to take aim and act."

And April Elliot Kent writes in Practical Astrology that for Jupiter Libra, "thinking small" means "living vicariously through others."

Looking for the balance between being a titular star and being a co-star is one of those lifelong experiences for Jupiter Libra.