Jupiter in Sagittarius - Jupiter Signs

Credit: Muriel de Seze / Getty Images.

Is this the luckiest Jupiter?  Guys and gals with Jupiter Sagittarius or the Ninth House get a double-dose of Jupiterian optimism. 

Jupiter is Sagittarius' ruler, after all.  And Jupiter is the planet of aspiration, highest guidance and adventure.  Pay attention to synchronicity, as it'll never lead you astray.

This gives you plenty of wanderlust -- you want to see the world first hand.  You could find clever ways to incorporate that into your life's work.

  Or make a few yearly trips to an unusual locale.  If you're more of a homebody, your travels could be across familiar terrain, but seeing with fresh eyes. 

Sagittarius is the third of the fire signs, and the one most likely to have an expansive philosophy.  With Jupiter stretching the horizons, your sight is continually growing outward.  You keep the faith, by continually learning new things, and could be drawn into teaching -- you're the eternal student AND teacher.

You chafe at routine, and love variety.  Yours is a mutable Jupiter, which can mean you're a quick adapter.  It takes an activity with a lot of change built into it, to hold your attention.  Look for challenges or a career where every day is different. 

Keeping the Faith

Jupiter is at his expansive self in Sagittarius.  Jupiter in this element is enthusiastic and constantly growing.

Your curiosity leads you to consider life from many angles.

  The more out there the perspective, the more it intrigues.  If you grew up in a remote place or it felt claustrophobic in some wa, your quests to widen your horizons are sweeter, in contrast.  

The Archer is your Jupiter sign's animated association.  And you grow by symbolically shooting arrows into far-flung places and idea streams.

  There's an inherent risk, because you never know what you're getting into!  Jupiter Sagittarius will want to show some commonsense, when wandering, like being careful about what you eat and drink.  If Jupiter goes too far here, it's toward recklessness, or putting oneself in physically dangerous situations.   

As you integrate it all into your life experience, your world widens.  Jupiter Sagittarius is about experience above all -- you want to live it, not just read about it in a book.

Some Jupiter-Archers spend time living a religious philosophy, perhaps one very different than the religion-of-origin.  Yours is a Jupiter that could spend time in a monastery on the roof of the world.  Or find the physicality and spirituality you're seeking in a practice like yoga. 

What makes you different from other Jupiter signs? 

Your Jupiter comes after the soulful plunge of Scorpio, where core realities are met in secret, and build power.  Now your Jupiter is one of sharing those truths widely, with the realization that there's always more to discover.

You're the ultimate dot-connector, with that special Sagittarius gift of spontaneous knowing.  Your experiences and knowledge come together in magical ways -- a fusion of intelligences.

Unlike the other two fire signs (Aries and Leo), your mutability makes you oriented toward constant change.  You're also very future-oriented, with your eyes scanning the horizon for what's ahead.  

You could for that reason have a kind of prophetic ability to predict and plan for the future.  And you'll anticipate opportunities, and be able to do the footwork to make it happen.

You're ambitious as long as there's a purpose to what you're doing.  If you don't see the point, or are working with small-minded or dogmatic people, it's rough on you.  The remedy for boredom is act on your natural curiosity, and go on the hunt for an inspired goal.