Jupiter in Virgo - Jupiter Signs

Organic Luck

Mint Images/ Jamie Kripke / Getty Images.

When your Jupiter sign is Virgo, you feel on the golden path when you're in a productive groove.  It's a bonus when your work is rewarding to you, and brightens others' lives in some way.

 Most of all, you seek a daily rhythm of small acts that add up to a worthy life.  You value sincerity, order, natural living, integrity, purity and precision.

Jupiter is where you're potentially over-the-top or what you indulge in a bit too much.

  For Jupiter Virgo, this means filling every moment of the day, and then getting frazzled from lack of downtime.  Lucky for you, you'll become a pro at Virgo-style relaxing, and staying healthy, when your inner health nut is activated.

You'll also want to watch out for overanalyzing everything, to the point of not being able to find peace from your own hyper-revved mind.  You can also be a perfectionist, to the point of annoying others.

To Serve, Not Be a Servant

Jupiter shows your path of natural growth, and Virgo is a sign of wholeness and service.  That desire to serve is the instinct not to be a servant, but to contribute your skills to the greater whole.  

This trait makes you humble, since you see how everyone has a role to play.  Virgo follows the noble generosity of Leo and here seeks to apply it, in practical ways.

You shine at fine tuning, but also are often gifted at seeing how pieces fit together.

 You can have mechanical skill, and be fascinated by how things work.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (traditional) and Chiron (modern), making paths to growth ones in the literary or healing professions.  In any field, Jupiter Virgo strives to do what makes sense, and be effective.  You might have a penchant for writing goals down, and keeping a meticulous record of your progress.

Jupiter Return

Your lucky year is coming up, when Jupiter goes into Virgo (August 12th, 2015 to September 9th, 2016).  

This is known as the Jupiter Return, when things go your way.  Even if you don't see big obvious rewards, Jupiter makes sure you're on the path, the one that has that destiny-feel to it.  

Jupiter is the planet of visions for the future, so it can be one for setting very long-range goals.  

Jupiter Virgo Speaks

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I have to write everything down.  Cate Blanchett (Sun Taurus with Jupiter Virgo).

I'd always felt very strongly in the power of vocation.  Daniel Day-Lewis (Sun Taurus with Jupiter Virgo) 

Organizer Extraordinaire

My husband Sandor has Jupiter Virgo and is an organizing fool.  He creates events out of his organizing, and sometimes they last for days, if it's a big job.  

There's that perfectionist streak that makes it hard for Jupiter Virgos to accept things as they are.  That can lead to chronic irritation that things are never in their right place.

In general this trait is a positive one, since an organized space makes for more ease, and less frustration when you're deep in your day.  

Living Your Values 

The gift of Jupiter Virgo is seeing how daily life can be improved in some way.

 They get antsy when not making the most of their innate talents.  It's torture for this Jupiter to be idle, and they lose their faith when they don't feel useful.

It's an earth sign Jupiter, so luck comes from staying close to what naturally unfolds.  I've heard many with this Jupiter avoid casting too far into the future.  They want to live into the future, as it unfolds, step-by-step, and not apply an abstract end point to it.

That kind of sight comes from being able to sense cause and effect.  Since Jupiter is the planet of the guiding star, keeping your feet on the ground is how you find your way.  

Highest Health

Jupiter Virgos appreciate the body as a system, and many are enthusiastic about all things health related.  Some with this Jupiter find their place in the healing arts, and may especially shine in holistic fields.


You get a boost when you find out about something that will make you feel more whole -- body, mind or spirit.  Yours is a mutable sign Jupiter, and that means you're able to adapt to shifting conditions around you.  

It's all about refinement -- and you may sample many healing options out there, to see what works for you.