Three Jupiter-Inspired Ways to Break Social Isolation

Meeting of (Higher) Minds

Peter Cade/Getty Images.

 Jupiter is known as a social planet, along with Saturn.  The two are the odd couple that play off each other -- one expands (Jupiter), the other conserves (Saturn). 

Both place us in our milieu with its mores and opportunities (or lack of) for growth.  Saturn is often associated with social conditioning, that often then has to be dismantled, to find an authentic way of engaging with life.   

Jupiter is like the coming out party planet.

  In Jupiter, we find our place in society through our aspirations, our ideals and causes.  We connect to inspired people, places and things via the lucky planet. 

And Jupiter over time throws down serendipity on our path, as a way of saying, you're on the right track! 

#1 Teaching and Learning

Since social isolation is reality for many, my intent here is to look at Jupiter as a possible bridge to growth of the social circle. 

Jupiter is the instinct to gather -- or cultivate --  what consistently helps you keep the faith, and that includes kindred spirits.  A first such person is the mentor, maybe a naturally generous teacher, who sees your uniqueness. 

Such a person helps you make sense of your life path  And shows you how you fit into the wider world.  Such a person is excited about learning and growing, and it's passed on and remembered.

So one way we see Jupiter widening our social circle is through the lives we touch, either as a mentor or as the one mentored.

  And the learning environment -- either as teacher or student -- is a place to feel connected. 

#2  Get Inspired

Jupiter is at its best, within us, when it's in that zone of inspiration.  And if we're isolated socially, a way to make friends is by seeking that inspired path. 

The constellation of what stirs the passion, is hard to put in words, but that's the jovial pathway.

  You know it when you're on it, and also when you're not. 

Taking a step to get inspired, is a step to widening your sphere of influence.  That's because when you're in the zone, you hit the currents of expanding outward in a way that's not self-protective, and it's full of trust in life. 

Jupiter has an innocent outgoing vibe, seen embodied in its sign Sagittarius.  And there's a gregarious desire to share the wisdom gained widely, as Sagittarius is a mutable sign of spreading freely. 

Since Jupiter governs the conscience, jovial passions can be aroused by a cause.  So meeting people through causes and shared values is a biggie here, and a possible starting point point for making friends, too. 

The path of inspiration, then, is a way to get connected.  And this includes inspiration that comes from being socially conscious. 

#3  Compare Notes and Inspiration 

If those insights are old hat, how about connecting with Jupiter via the awakening mind? 

The phenomenon of waking up to new perceptions, is one that leads the seeker out into the wider world.  There's something very charged about meeting someone who is also on the path of discovery as a truth seeker. 

If it's true relationships are being broken apart, because of conflicting world views, then it's worth noting that new circles can form on the other side.


So a way to connect socially is through this quest, to meet fellow travelers, whether it's online or in real life.   

To Sum it Up (and to "Sum it Up" is a Jupiter endeavor): 

Here are three ways to break social isolation, with Jupiter in mind:

  • Become a teacher or a student (or both).
  • Reach out with your natural inspiration in mind.
  • Meet fellow truth seekers, travelers and philosophers. 

Find your Jupiter sign on the birth chart to learn more about how you move out into the wider world. 

Have a ponder about the element of your Jupiter sign, as a factor in what inspires you.