Jupiter Occult Correspondences

Planetary Correspondences in The Western Occult Tradition

Planetary Seal of Jupiter
Planetary Seal of Jupiter. Catherine Beyer

In the Western occult tradition, each planetary body is associated with certain qualities that a practicing occultist might wish to attract into their lives and practices. There is also a long series of correspondences for each planet, the symbols, materials, and objects that are associated with the particular planet and can help to channel planetary influence into the human sphere.

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Here are some common correspondences for Jupiter, as recorded by Henry Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy, whose works are commonly referenced and reproduced in occult tradition.

Beneficial Influences

Gains and riches, favor and love, peace, concord, appeasement of enemies, confirmation of honors, dignities, counsels, and dissolving of enchantments

Intelligence of Jupiter: Johphiel

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Baleful Influences

Agrippa is curiously silent on this subject.

Spirit of Jupiter: Hismael

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Numbers: 4, 16, 34, 136

Divine Names Answering to The Numbers of Jupiter: Aba, El Ab

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Angel: Zadkiel

Animals: Eagle, Dolphin, Hart

Metal: Tin; Silver is suggested for talismans attracting most of the beneficial influences, Coral is suggested for the dissolving of enchantments

Stone: Sapphire

More Visual Correspondences:

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