Jupiter Transits to the Houses

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Jupiter in Libra puts a meaningful charge on one-on-one relations, as a path of growth and faith.

Jupiter is in Libra from September 9th 2016 to October 10th, 2017. 

Lucky Jupiter is synonymous with grace and goodies.  When Jupiter as in Leo awhile back, and it was my Jupiter return, I didn't have any over-the-top lucky breaks. 

But something subtle DID happen -- I realized the path of aspiration that's calling me.

  Jupiter has a way of putting dreams into the context of your life story. 

These realizations seem to reach into the soul, but are also hitched to an unfolding path or aspiration.  That's something then to turn into personal gold, since it also aligns you with the Universe -- serendipity happens! 

So take note that a brand new Jupiter year also begins a twelve-year cycle.  And that Jupiter stays in a Zodiac sign for one year, and magnifies what's being created by way of the life sphere (the House) its transiting. 

Jupiter was in Virgo from August 11th, 2015 to September 19th, 2016.  Jupiter in mutable earth sign Virgo has to do with aggrandizing craft, purity, health, the holistic vision, sincerity, productivity and devotion.

This shows up in specifically in your Virgo house in the birth chart. Keep in mind, you might have the astrological sign Virgo across two houses, so read both if that's you.

Jupiter in the First House:

(House of Aries and Mars)  Striking first impressions, and a more jovial demeanor.  Being a big presence, but with a mission.  A favorable response from your interviews, pitches and presentations.  Big hair, big personality, big style.  A new cycle to initiate, activate, assert your will.

  Realizing how you come across to others.  Possible weight gain or overindulging. 

Jupiter in the Second House:

(House of Taurus and Venus) This heralds prosperity, but more to the point -- a flow of resources and friendlies your way. Helpful allies are responsive, and even rally to protect you in some way. Your instincts lead you to what feels right, as you find seek to beautify, develop a craft, or cultivate investments. Your generosity peaks, for pooling resources toward a shared vision. Your drive to feel secure has you busy preparing for a rainy day, and developing mutually beneficial networks. 

Jupiter in the Third House:

(House of Gemini and Mercury) Your poetic imagination is prolific with Jupiter here. Be alert to the pitfalls of oversharing with your friend network. You can be especially generous and help others nurture ideas.  Siblings and extended family (Aunts and Uncles) have a role to play.  Short trips bring a fresh outlook. The daily exchanges with neighbors, cashiers and other passers-by can be especially meaningful.

Jupiter in the Fourth House:

(House of Cancer and the Moon) Your home has a special charge, and there can be some kind of expansion. Home renovation or opening up the space by tearing down walls, comes to mind.

You might expand socially, and invite friends and family for meaningful happenings. A house guest -- besides Jupiter -- comes to stay, and widens your horizons. It's time to make your home cozier, and add reminders of special moments and people.  Beware of buying too much house for your budget.

Jupiter in the Fifth House:

(House of Leo and the Sun) It's time to express yourself, in your favorite medium -- or experiment with new ones! Your creativity becomes central, to feeling optimistic about the future. You are in line for financial backing, especially by those who are moved by your life story and labors of love. You can be captivating, in any performance, from telling jokes to giving presentations. Your ability to touch emotions, by sharing your journey, wins an enthusiastic response.

Jupiter in the Sixth House:

(House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) There's luck in your "job" sector, for making changes that are more in synch with your true goals.

You grow and are more productive, when looking at what brings on overwhelm. This transit boosts health, and you're able to track ailments to the roots, and work healing magic. Trips to renew your body, mind and spirit are very rewarding. Colleagues and clients are especially receptive, and you might find you share more of your "real self" -- vulnerabilities and all -- in your work place.

Jupiter in the Seventh House:

(House of Libra and Venus) Here's a transit for finding love, and meaningful friendships. Jupiter puts a charge on your reactions to others -- this makes you attractive to the right someone(s). New growth comes from significant relationships, whether already established or in the beginning stages. You can see yourself in a new way through the eyes of the beloved. A new business partner now helps to ease your path. You could undergo a make-over, and refresh how you respond to 'your public.'

Jupiter in the Eighth House:

(House of Scorpio and Pluto) You undergo cathartic transformations, as you unlock buried emotions. That makes it a great time to go deeper into personal healing. Mysteries of the past begin circulating, and new understandings are revealed. It's a time for cord cutting, and in doing so, releasing vitality for your Now. You can be drawn to learning about power, and magnetizing what you want.

Jupiter in the Ninth House:

(House of Sagittarius and Jupiter) Jupiter is about learning, as a way to grow knowledge. Here, the expansion through travel and learning is a path forward.

Being exposed to other cultures awakens possibilities.  A trip could involve walking in the footsteps of the ancestors. Your quest to widen your horizons can bring realizations -- about the way others live, and what all humans share.  You catch the truth buzz here, and feel freer as you go beyond early conditioning, and follow inspired trails.

Jupiter in the Tenth House:

(House of Capricorn and Saturn) The great matter of your "career" comes to the fore, and you've got luck on your side. This is a time for long-range visioning. Mentors have a kindly attitude toward you, and family contacts could be valuable. You grow in your role as an authority -- and others are responsive. This could be within the family, as your value is recognized, or in your field.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House:

(House of Aquarius and Uranus) Your friend circles can expand, and this be beneficial in some way. You're drawn to how someone 'feels' to be around, and their nurturing warmth. You could have unusual allies, from different walks of life, that share a common trait -- treating you like a kindred spirit. It's a transit for collaboration, as you pool inspiration, and encourage each other to act on what you're bringing forth from the imagination.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House:

(House of Pisces and Neptune) Jupiter takes you soul mining, into life's deepest mysteries. You might crave more solitude, as you cross boundaries of the inner terrain. Your sensitivity to the subtle and unseen becomes your path to making progress, and renewing your faith.

A great one to nurture projects that have a strong emotional hold on you. It's also time for freedom (Jupiter's other gift0, as you resolve the past, and experience the deep sign of letting go.

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