KPT (Kai's Power Tools) and KPT Vector Effects

KPT (Kai's Power Tools) and KPT Vector Effects:

KPT is a special effects plug-in series that was formerly published by MetaCreations. KPT Vector Effects was a plug-in set for Adobe Illustrator. In 1999, MetaCreations divested itself of most of its graphics products, including KPT 5 and 6, KPT Vector Effects, and the KPT X series. All products were since purchased by Corel.

Corel released KPT effects (also known as KPT 7) and later bundled KPT 5, KPT 6, and KPT effects and sold it under the title of The KPT Collection.

Currently, The Corel KPT Collection is the only way to purchase the KPT series of plug-in filters through retail channels. To the best of my knowledge, KPT Vector Effects is no longer sold.

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