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Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan Test Prep 

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Kaplan’s LSAT prep course is designed to help future law students improve their scores on the LSAT. The course is both online and in-person, with access to many other learning resources. These include several four-hour live teaching sessions, hundreds of released LSAT questions and explanations, LSAT lesson books and more. Kaplan offers a variety of different courses to choose from depending on your needs with prices ranging from $799 to $4,999. We tested and reviewed Kaplan’s LSAT prep course to see just how diverse and effective their learning programs were. Keep reading to see how we rated it and everything you should consider before signing up for the course(s).

The Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Personalized study plans
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Real released LSAT questions and tests
  • Proctored in-class exams SmartReports detailed feedback
  • Higher Score Guarantee
  • No free trial
  • Expensive price for comprehensive courses
  • High student-to-teacher ratio (30/class)
  • No access to online materials after expiration date
  • Specific class dates and times Higher Score Guarantee void if you miss class/homework

What’s Included  

Along with live online and in-person courses and proctored LSAT practice exams, Kaplan’s LSAT prep course grants access to the Kaplan LSAT app, recorded video lessons, and a library of released LSAT exams and written explanations.

Live Instruction

Kaplan’s LSAT prep offers either teacher-guided prep or do-it-yourself (DIY) prep with different methods of instruction. DIY prep gives you access to 180+ hours of live-streamed and on-demand lessons on the “LSAT channel.” The videos can be accessed at any time and in any order. Teacher-guided prep options give you access to either eight 4-hour sessions of online instruction or seven 4-hour sessions of online instruction. You also have unlimited access to the LSAT channel.

The live classes are held at specific times and are limited to 30 people. However, if you miss a class you can make it up and catch up on the lesson covered.

Personalized Study Plans

Each prep course offers different features so you can choose the plan that works best for you. If you feel more prepared and only need some practice questions, then the self-study options will work for you. But, if you’re new to test prep, don’t know how to use the material, and want a more interactive course, live instruction with a teacher is also available. Whichever course you choose, you’ll also get a personalized study plan to help you keep on track, organize your study time, and measure your progress.

Online Study Material and Textbooks

This includes the LSAT prep books, textbooks and access to the LSAT channel. Kaplan also has over 300+ games designed to help you practice Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. You can also prep on-the-go with the Kaplan mobile app, which includes quizzes, test prep, videos and even live instruction online. Lastly, the QuizBank and PrepTest Library allow you to create your own quizzes with recently released LSAT questions and review answers with detailed explanations. Some of these features are limited to specific courses, however, the In-Person and Live Online course gives you unlimited access to all Kaplan LSAT resources.

60+ Released LSAT Exams, Including Self Proctoring Tools

For extra practice, Kaplan has over 60 real, released LSAT exams. The exams are full length and are similar to what you will encounter on the real exam. The archive includes the most recently released exam questions. Kaplan also provides self-proctoring tools, such as an app for your phone or computer. The tools allow you to simulate a real testing environment complete with proctor announcements, ambient sounds (coughing, sneezing, pages flipping) and custom timing modes.

Proctored In Class Practice Exams

The In-Person, Live Online and Tutoring courses all offer in-class proctored exams. In-Person allows for one proctored in-class exam, Live Online allows for two, and Tutoring allows for three. Tests take place in person, at a specific location and time. These exams help prepare you for the experience of taking the real test, including timing, proctor announcements, and other testers. 

SmartReports Feedback

SmartReports is a software that allows students to receive personal feedback on all their test results as well as tracks their progress throughout the course. Personalized study suggestions are also offered to help you improve in harder areas and increase your score. The SmartReports feature is available in all of the courses except Tutoring.

One-On-One Coaching

One-on-one tutoring is available in all of the courses. The In-Person and Live Online courses allow for three hours of one-on-one tutoring and the DIY course allows for two hours. The most comprehensive tutoring is found in the Tutoring course, which offers 10, 20 or 40 hours of one-on-one coaching either online or in-person.

These coaching sessions give you time to ask in-depth questions and work on specific areas that you don’t understand. Every tutor is a professional who has taken the LSAT and scored reasonably well on the exam.

Higher Score Guarantee

The Higher Score Guarantee is Kaplan’s assurance that their course will help you improve your test scores. It works by taking a proctored exam that establishes your baseline score or by submitting a previous test score. Then you complete the course and take the real exam. If your score is not higher than your baseline you can either get a free course reactivation or you can get your money back. If you scored higher than your baseline, but you’re not happy with your score you will be allowed free reactivation but there is no money-back option.

For both of these options, you must contact Kaplan within 60 days of your course expiration date. You must also have completed all of the course requirements, including class time and homework. The course will then be reactivated for an additional 12 weeks. The Higher Score Guarantee is only available for the In-Person and Live Online courses.


Kaplan’s LSAT prep course can run on the expensive side, however, there are several different options to choose from. Each program comes with several features aimed at helping you study. The more features, the higher the price. The courses are slightly more expensive than competitors, however, they also have more options to choose from.

Kaplan In-Person

Price: $1,299

Includes: Seven four-hour sessions of in-person instruction, one full length proctored test (in class), new digital LSAT course, unlimited access to LSAT Channel, 60+ released LSAT exams with self-proctoring tools, SmartReports detailed feedback, LSAT prep books, three hours of one-on-one coaching, and higher score guarantee.

Kaplan Live Online

Price: $1,299

Includes: Eight four-hour sessions of (live) online instruction, two full length proctored tests (in class), new digital LSAT course, unlimited access to LSAT Channel, 60+ released LSAT exams with self-proctoring tools, SmartReports detailed feedback, LSAT prep books, three hours of one-on-one coaching, and higher score guarantee.

Kaplan Tutoring

Price: $2,399 - $4,999

Includes: 10, 20, or 40 hours of online or in-person one-on-one tutoring, three full-length proctored tests (in class), 80+ full-length practice exams with self-proctoring tools, two prep books and 400+ hours of online resources, hundreds of hours of on-demand instruction, and a full complimentary Live Online or In-Person course.

Kaplan DIY Course

Price: $799

Includes: 24/7 on-demand full LSAT courses, 145+ teacher-led sessions on LSAT Channel, on-demand or live-streamed, 60+ released LSAT exams with self-proctoring tools, every real LSAT question ever released, SmartReports detailed feedback, LSAT prep books, and two hours of one-on-one coaching.


The strengths of the Kaplan programs are found in its variety of features and teaching methods geared for personalized learning.

Wide Selection of Learning Materials

Kaplan offers different materials for students to study from. LSAT prep books, practice exams with real released LSAT questions, self-proctoring tools and teacher-led videos on the LSAT Channel are some of the key features that students can utilize. These are available anytime and can even be accessed on the go through Kaplan’s mobile app. 

SmartReports Feedback

SmartReports tracks your progress and sends you detailed reports on areas that you struggle with. It also gives you tips on how to better study those areas. Along with study tips, SmartReports also keeps a record of your test scores so you can follow your progress throughout the course. 

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One coaching is one of the best ways to get your questions answered in detail. Every course offers this. However, the amount of hours allowed varies from course to course. During coaching times you can go over questions you have, work on areas you struggle with and further personalize your study plan.


Kaplan’s LSAT prep program also has several weaknesses. Mainly it’s expensive pricing, large class sizes, and no trial option.

Expensive Pricing

All of the comprehensive courses are more expensive than competitors. Even the DIY course is $799. Competitors offer other courses with similar features at a much lower monthly price.

Large Classes

One of the biggest perks of Kaplan is their live courses, either live or online – prep companies don’t offer them as much as they used to. However, most of Kaplan’s classes are filled with 30 or more students creating a disproportionate teacher-to-student ratio. Larger classes mean less time discussing questions that students might have. It also means more generalized teaching on what the LSAT, which prevents students from getting their specific questions answered on specific areas of the test where they might be struggling.

Low Standards for Instructors

Kaplan only requires its instructors to have scored in the 90th percentile or higher on the exam (approximately 164 or higher). Given that most competing companies require instructors to have scored a 170 or above, Kaplan clearly falls short in this area. One can score a 164 on the exam while still having major weak areas, and it’s important for instructors to be proficient in the subject they teach. Furthermore, top law schools typically require LSAT scores of 165+, and this is the goal many students are aiming for, so they likely want an instructor who has scored that well themselves.

The Competition: Kaplan vs. LSATMax vs. PowerScore

LSATMax takes a more modern approach to LSAT prep compared to Kaplan. They rely more on mobile apps and online resources to educate rather than in-person classes. Their features include real, released practice exams, flashcards, quizzes, prep books, and instructor support. Like Kaplan, they also offer analytic feedback to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and track progress. They also have a higher score guarantee. However, unlike Kaplan, they also have a seven-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t 100 percent happy with their courses. 

In comparison, PowerScore is a lot more similar to Kaplan. They both have in-person live or online classes as well as a variety of different study resources, like prep books, practice tests, and on-demand lesson videos. They also have digital practice exams. PowerScore is actually ranked among the top prep schools for most available content. They offer five different courses, like Kaplan, ranging from In-Class or Online to Accelerated and Advanced courses. Unlike Kaplan, they do not have a higher score guarantee, but their prices are also more reasonable. Courses range from $195 – $1,395. Payment plans are available for those that can’t pay in full and they also offer a free preview of the first lesson. 

Final Verdict

Kaplan’s LSAT prep is a popular course with a variety of different learning options to choose from. This prep program is suited for students taking the LSAT for the first time and don’t really know how to work with the study material. But it can also be beneficial for students who want to increase their score. It’s the best course for those who prefer learning in a classroom environment and need a course that can work with their schedule.

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