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Improving your SAT scores doesn't require you to pay thousands of dollars to a private college consultant (although that is a viable approach if you have thousands of dollars to spend). Kaplan is a long-time leader in the test prep industry. With the many online options, Kaplan's services are available to students anyplace in the world that has an internet connection. So if you're trying to improve your SAT scores, Kaplan has products and services to meet a range of budgets. In the list below, I've presented some of Kaplan's most popular products from the least to most pricey.

$0 - Practice Tests and Diagnostics

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Kaplan offers several products for free. You won't get any Kaplan coaching or personal instruction with these options, but you can assess your SAT preparedness. And, of course, the more practice questions you work through, the better off you'll be when the SAT rolls around. These products won't cost you a penny, but you will need to create a user profile.

$20 - SAT 2016 Premier (book with DVD)

If you're disciplined and self-motivated, you can improve your SAT scores measurably without spending money on a test prep course. Kaplan's 1,356-page SAT 2016 Premier with CD-ROM includes five full-length practice tests, tips and tricks for different question types, hundreds of practice questions with explanations of the answers, and access to lots of useful online resources. The book lists for $35.99, but you can often get it for around $20. Check it out here: Kaplan SAT 2016 Premier. Once you own the book, you can get access to addition resources at Kaplan here.

$299 - SAT On Demand Self-Paced Prep Course

SAT On Demand is a popular option for students trying to boost their SAT scores, and the course is less expensive than many other products on the market. The software creates a custom study plan based on your performance on a diagnostic exam. With this product you'll have access to thousands of practice questions, guidance and strategies for solving different types of questions, on-demand video instruction, progress and homework tracking, and four full-length proctored tests. As with all of Kaplan's SAT courses, you get your money back if your SAT scores don't improve.

Check out the course here: SAT On Demand

$749 - SAT Classroom Online

A high school junior near me took this course. I watched in, and we collaborated to write this Review of SAT Classroom. I was impressed with what I saw. The instructor was knowledgeable and personable, and two teaching assistants supported her to help answer students' questions in real time. The Classroom Anywhere version of Complete SAT Prep is pretty much identical to the on-site version described above except you'll be taking the course from the comfort of your home computer. This is a necessity if you live in a remote location, and it can appeal to others who simply prefer live online instruction to a traditional classroom environment. As with the on-site version, you'll get four proctored exams, four extra practice tests, thousands of online practice questions, a database of video tutorials, a custom study plan, progress tracking, 18 hours of live instruction, and a money-back guarantee if your scores don't improve.

Check out the course here: SAT Classroom (Online)

$749 - SAT Classroom (On Site)

The options above work best for students who are self-motivated and can work without concrete deadlines. If you do better with a clear schedule and a brick-and-mortar classroom environment, then on-site SAT Classroom might be a good option. This is Kaplan's most popular course. You'll get 18 hours of instruction at a Kaplan Center, four proctored tests, four extra practice tests, a Kaplan SAT book, flashcard, progress and performance tracking, a customized study plan, numerous online videos, and thousands of practice questions. As with the other courses, you'll get your money back if your scores don't go up.

Check out the course here: SAT Classroom (On Site)

$1499 - Unlimited Prep (PSAT, SAT and ACT)

At well over a thousand bucks, Unlimited is clearly a significant investment (although much less than you'd typically pay for any kind of private tutoring). That said, this class can be a good choice for sophomores and rising juniors who are serious about getting the types of PSAT, SAT and ACT scores they'll need to win scholarships and get into highly selective colleges. Few students take the PSAT all that seriously, but they should (read Does the PSAT Matter?). An investment in PSAT prep can pay you back -- the exam is used to qualify students for National Merit Scholarships, and many colleges use National Merit results to award institutional scholarships. College Prep Advantage comes with nine hours of Classroom Anywhere instruction for the PSAT as well as two proctored exams.

What else do you get for your money? To start, the full $749 SAT Classroom package with 8 proctored exams and the  ACT Classroom package with 4 proctored exams. You'll get the $299 Math Foundations course, customized study plans for all three exams, a library of online instructional videos, thousands of practice questions, and progress and performance tracking. You'll also get online study guides for the most popular SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams.

Unlimited Prep can be a truly worthwhile investment if you're early in your high school career because you get unlimited test prep up until the time that you graduate. The $1499 price tag isn't pocket change, but it isn't unreasonable if viewed as a multi-exam, multi-year investment.

Check out the course here: Unlimited Prep

More Kaplan SAT Prep Options

The list above does not include all of the Kaplan SAT test prep options. Visit the Kaplan website to see all of the options including Premier Tutoring with one-on-one instruction: Kaplan SAT Test Prep Options

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