Katherine Thurston

Katherine Thurston is a freelance writer who has been a devoted fan of One Life to Live for over 30 years.


Katherine has been avidly watching her favorite soap opera, One Life to Live, since 1976. She has written about the show daily for almost 10 years; Katherine also created and currently maintains the official website for her friend, actor Larry Lau, whom many fans may remember as OLTL's Sam Rappaport. A favorite character of hers was one of Llanview's most famous "bad girls" -- none other than Dorian Lord. One of Katherine's favorite couples on the show was Tina and Cord, and she especially loved the remote filming that was done during many of their storylines. During various fan events, Katherine has had the great pleasure of meeting several soap stars, including many of them from One Life to Live. In addition to her work covering OLTL, Katherine has written several short stories and is currently working on a new children's book.

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