Kayaking the Upstate New York Sections of the Hudson River

 The Hudson River is one of the most iconic water passages in the United States.  From its whitewater source in the Adirondack Mountains to the wide stretch down by New York City, the Hudson River follows an historic 315 mile course through mountains, valleys, hills, towns and homes.  Here is a guide to kayaking some of the sections of the Hudson River in Upstate New York's Catskill and Adirondack Mountains.  

 Not resembling anything like what it looks like in the city,  the Hudson River has over 20 miles of whitewater along its upper stretches.  Known as the Upper and Middle Hudson Gorges, the Hudson River whitewater ranges from Class III to Class V, with the more treacherous run being further upstream.  Here is some information on how to kayak the Hudson River Gorge in Adirondack Mountains.   More »

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Paddling above Spier Falls on the Hudson River

Fishing on the Hudson River from a Paddleboard. George E. Sayour

 The upper sections of the Hudson River are dam controlled.  The sections between the dams outside of the Adirondack Mountains are beautiful, clean, and cool.  This section is also great for smallmouth bass and walleye fishing.  This article explains how to kayak put-in and kayak this 5 mile section of the Hudson River above the Spier Falls Dam.

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Kayaking Below Spier Falls on the Hudson River

Kayaking Below the Spier Falls Dam. George E. Sayour

 On the same road as the put-in for the section above Spier Falls is a boat ramp to put-in below the falls.  This section is a little bit different and more shallow in character from above the dam. Paddle to the left and upstream to get a view of Spier Falls from below.  Downstream is a secluded paddle down to the next day.  Here is how to put-in and kayak below Spier Falls Dam.  

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Kayaking the Hudson River in Catskill, New York

The Boat Launch at Dutchman's Landing. George E. Sayour

 The last dam on the Hudson River before it becomes tidal is located in Troy, NY.  40 miles south of Troy is the Town of Catskill.   Kayakers can launch at Dutchman's Landing.  Kayaking upstream takes you underneath the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.  Downstream starts heading toward Saugerties, NY.  The Catskill Creek empties into the Hudson in Catskill and is a common destination for kayakers who want to paddle up through the town from the Hudson River.