Kennedy Family Tree: Descendents and Ancestors

The Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald

Portrait Of The Kennedy Family At Home
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The grandchildren of proud Irish immigrants, Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald were the patriarch and matriarch of the large, influential American Kennedy clan. The parents of nine children—including our 35th President, John F. Kennedy, and two U.S. Senators, Robert F. "Bobby" Kennedy and Edward M. "Teddy" Kennedy—their legacy to the United States is immeasurable.

Other influential members of the Kennedy clan include First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis; Eunice Kennedy, founder of the Special Olympics; Robert Sargent Shriver, first director of the Peace Corps; Maria Shriver, TV journalist and former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger; Hollywood actor Peter Lawford; and Kathleen H.

Kennedy, Lieutenant Governor of Maryland.

Kennedy Family Tree—Descendents

Joseph Patrick Kennedy

b: September 6, 1888, East Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
d: November 18, 1969, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts

Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald

b: July 22, 1890, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
m: October 7, 1914, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
d: January 22, 1995, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts



No descendants

Joseph Patrick Kennedy

b: July 25, 1915, Hull, Plymouth County, Massachusetts
d: August 12, 1944, in a bomber over the English Channel


stillborn Kennedy
August 23, 1956, Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island
d: August 23, 1956, Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy
b: November 27, 1957, New York City, New York County, New York
m: July 19, 1986, Centreville, Barnstable County, Massachusetts
Edwin Arthur Schlossberg
b: July 19, 1945

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.
b: November 25, 1960, Washington, District of Columbia

m: September 21, 1996, Cumberland Island, Georgia

d: July 16, 1999, Off the Coast of Massachusetts (plane crash)

Carolyn Bessette

b: January 7, 1966, White Plains, New York
d: July 16, 1999, Off the Coast of Massachusetts (plane crash)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

b: May 29, 1917, Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
d: November 22, 1963, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier
b: July 28, 1929, Southampton, Suffolk County, New York
m: September 12, 1953, Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island
d: May 19, 1994, New York City, New York County, New York

No descendants

Rosemary Kennedy

b: September 13, 1918, Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts

No descendants

Kathleen Agnes Kennedy

b: February 20, 1920, Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
m: May 6, 1944, London, England
d: May 13, 1948, Ste-Bauzille, Ardeche, France

William John Robert Cavendish
b: December 10, 1917
d: September 10, 1944, Heppen, Belgium


Robert Sargent Shriver III
b: April 28, 1954

Maria Owings Shriver
b: November 6, 1955
m: April 26, 1986, Hyannis, Massachusetts
Arnold Schwarzenegger
b: July 30, 1947, Graz, Austria

Timothy Perry Shriver
b: August 29,1959
Linda S. Potter
b: January 13, 1956

Mark Kennedy Shriver
February 17, 1964, Washington, District of Columbia
Jeannie Ripp
b: November 30, 1965

Anthony Paul Kennedy Shriver
b: July 20, 1965, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Alina Mojica
b: January 5, 1965

Eunice Mary Kennedy

b: July 10, 1921, Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
m: May 23, 1953, New York City, New York County, New York

Robert Sargent Shriver
b: November 9, 1915, Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland

d: January 18, 2011, Bethesda, Maryland


Sydney Maleia Lawford
b: August 25, 1956

James P. McKelvy

b: 1955

Victoria Francis Lawford
b: November 4, 1958
Robert B. Pender Jr.
b: 1953

Robin Elizabeth Lawford
b: July 2, 1961

Patricia Kennedy

b: May 6, 1924, Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
m: April 24, 1954, New York City, New York County, New York

Peter Lawford
b: September 7, 1923, London, England
d: December 24, 1984, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California


Kathleen Hartington Kennedy
b: July 4, 1951
David Lee Townsend
b: November 17, 1947

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.
b: January 17, 1954
Emily Ruth Black
b: October 15, 1957
m: 1982
Mary Richardson
b: 1960
m: 1994

David Anthony Kennedy
b: June 15, 1955
d: August 25, 1984, Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida

Mary Courtney Kennedy
b: September 9, 1956
Jeffrey Robert Ruhe
b: 1952
m: 1980
Paul Michael Hill
b: August 13, 1954
m: 1993

Michael LeMoyne Kennedy
b: February 27, 1958
d: December 31, 1997
Victoria Denise Gifford
b: February 20, 1957
m: 1981

Mary Kerry Kennedy
b: September 8, 1959
m: 1990
Andrew Mark Cuomo
b: December 6, 1967

Christopher George Kennedy
b: July 4, 1963
Sheila Sinclair Berner
b: December 4, 1962
m: 1987

Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy
b: January 11, 1965
Victoria Anne Strauss
b: February 10, 1964
m: 1991

Douglas Harriman Kennedy
b: March 24, 1967
Molly Elizabeth Stark
m: 1998

Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy
b: December 12, 1968
Mark Bailey

Robert Francis Kennedy

b: November 20, 1925, Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
b: June 6, 1968, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Ethel Skakel
b: April 11, 1928, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
m: June 17, 1950, Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut


Stephen Edward Smith Jr.
b: June 28, 1957

William Kennedy Smith
b: September 4, 1960, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Amanda Mary Smith
b: April 301967
Cart Harmon Hoo

Kym Maria Smith
b: November 29, 1972, Vietnam
Alfred Tucker
b: 30 May 1967

Jean Ann Kennedy

b: February 20, 1928, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
m: May 19, 1956, New York City, New York County, New York

Stephen Edward Smith
b: September 24, 1927, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York


Kara Anne Kennedy
b: February 27, 1960
Michael Allen
b: 1958

Edward Moore Kennedy Jr.
b:  September 26, 1961
Katherine Gershman
b: June 9, 1959
m: 1993

Patrick Joseph Kennedy
b: July 14, 1967

Edward Moore Kennedy

b: February 22, 1932, Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Virginia Joan Bennett
b: September 9, 1936, Riverdale, Bronx, New York
m: November 29, 1958, Bronxville, Westchester County, New York

Victoria Anne Reggie
February 26, 1954
m: July 1992



Ancestors of Joseph Patrick Kennedy

This diagram shows the ancestry of Joseph Patrick Kennedy, patriarch of the Kennedy family and father of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Robert Joseph Kennedy.

      Patrick Kennedy
b: 1823 (approximate), Dunganstown, County Wexford, Ireland
m: September 26, 1849, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
d:  November 22, 1858, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
    Patrick Joseph Kennedy
b: January 14, 1858, East Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
m: November 23, 1887, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
d: May 18, 1929, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
      Bridget Murphy
b: 1821, Dunganstown, County Wexford, Ireland
d: December 20, 1888, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
  Joseph Patrick Kennedy
b: September 6, 1888, East Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
m: October 7, 1914, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
d: November 18, 1969, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts
      James Hickey
b: September 1836/37, Cork, Ireland
m: (?)
d: November 22, 1900, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
    Mary Augusta Hickey
b: December 6, 1857, Winthrop, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
d: May 20, 1923, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
      Margaret M. Field
b: February 1836, Ireland
d: June 5, 1911, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
      Thomas Fitzgerald
b: 1835 (approximate), Ireland
m: November 15, 1857, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
d: May 19, 1885, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
    John Francis Fitzgerald
b: February 11, 1863, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
m: September 18, 1889, Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
d: October 3, 1950, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
      Rosanna Cox
b: 1835 (approximate), Ireland
d: March 12, 1879, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
  Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald
b: July 22, 1890, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
d: January 22, 1995
      Michael Hannon
b: September 30, 1832, Ireland
m: February 12, 1854, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
d: January 26, 1900, Acton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
    Mary Josephine Hannon
b: October 31, 1865, Acton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
d: August 8, 1964, Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
      Mary Ann Fitzgerald
b: May 1834/35, Ireland
d: July 1, 1904, Acton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts