Kettering University Admissions

ACT Scores, Acceptance Rate, Financial Aid & More

Kettering University Mott Center
Kettering University Mott Center.

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Kettering University Admissions Overview:

Students applying to Kettering who have good grades and high test scores have a good chance of being admitted--the school has an acceptance rate of 72%. Students can apply to the school with the Common Application (more info on that below), and can submit the application online or on paper. For more information, check out Kettering's website, or contact the admissions office.

Admissions Data (2016):

Kettering University Description:

Located in Flint, Michigan, Kettering University is a private engineering school with an undergraduate focus. Formerly named the General Motors Institute, the school is located on a former manufacturing location for General Motors. Mechanical engineering is by far the most popular undergraduate major, and the program is ranked among the best in the country. Kettering University values practical hands-on experience, and all students participate in the school's well-regarded co-op program in which they spend half a year gaining full-time work experience. Because of the co-op program, it takes most Kettering students four-and-a-half years to earn their bachelor's degrees. Job placement and graduate school acceptance rates are extremely high for Kettering graduates. Academics at Kettering are supported by a good 14 to 1 student / faculty ratio.

Enrollment (2016):

  • Total Enrollment: 2,326 (1,904 undergraduates)
  • Gender Breakdown: 82% Male / 18% Female
  • 94% Full-time

Costs (2016 - 17):

  • Tuition and Fees: $39,790
  • Books: $1,200 (why so much?)
  • Room and Board: $7,780
  • Other Expenses: $7,497
  • Total Cost: $56,267

Kettering University Financial Aid (2015 - 16):

  • Percentage of New Students Receiving Aid: 100%
  • Percentage of New Students Receiving Types of Aid
    • Grants: 100%
    • Loans: 64%
  • Average Amount of Aid
    • Grants: $17,468
    • Loans: $11,054

Academic Programs:

  • Most Popular Majors: Business Administration, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Retention and Graduation Rates:

  • First Year Student Retention (full-time students): 95%
  • 4-Year Graduation Rate: 9%
  • 6-Year Graduation Rate: 53%

Data Source:

National Center for Educational Statistics

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