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Khan Academy’s LSAT Test Prep program offers free LSAT test preparation using a four-step process that starts with an evaluation to help design a customized study plan based on your strengths, weaknesses, and your schedule. Lessons and videos are based on official test questions from actual exams and are supported through related videos.

We tested and reviewed the Khan Academy LSAT test prep service and looked at all four steps in the process to understand the program structure, use the feedback system, and measure how well the personalized program met the needs identified in the personalized practice plan. Keep reading to see our full findings.

The Pros and Cons

Pros Cons

Free Detailed evaluation with a customized study plan
Instantaneous access to online resources

Focuses on sets of test questions rather than full exams
No live courses, instructor support or class sessions
Limited digital LSAT prep
No LSAT prep app

What’s Included  

Khan Academy’s LSAT Prep provides a diagnostic evaluation that feeds into a personalized practice plan based on your results, your exam date, and your target LSAT score. This prep program uses official test questions provided by LSAC and offers explanations through video lessons. 

Diagnostic Evaluation

To start, this prep program assesses your current knowledge to identify the areas in which you excel and those where additional study and practice are needed. The diagnostic evaluation can take about one to three hours, depending on the type of testing you choose, and these exams can be paused and resumed as needed. The options include a full-length test or a series of short exams. Both types of tests provide information that allows the prep program to evaluate and create a study plan that applies specifically to your needs.

We chose the short exam sections to see how well the prep program diagnostics could make an evaluation from a condensed set of data, and we were pleased to find that it did a pretty decent job of identifying areas in which students needed to focus their studies. 

One downside is that although the diagnostic exams are online, they are not in the new digital LSAT format, which is surprising since this test prep tool was developed in partnership with LSAC. It's also important to note that on Khan Academy diagnostic tests, you cannot write notes or physically cross out answer choices while working your way through a question, which is something you can do on the Digital LSAT and on the paper-based test.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

Personalized Preparation Plan

Once your evaluation is complete, the program will ask you to enter the date you plan to take the LSAT and the score you hope to achieve. Using this data, a study plan is created that includes how many hours per week to study, the types of lessons to complete, the order in which to complete them, videos to watch, questions you should work on, and even the number of full-length exams you should take.

The study plan is tracked by the program, so if you spend too many days without logging in to complete a few exercises or lessons, it will know, and it will show this on your progress tracking chart. One helpful feature, for those who tend to procrastinate, is the ability to set-up study reminders so you stay on track.

Lessons That Teach Essential LSAT Skills

The LSAT tests you in three areas: analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension. Khan Academy’s program addresses all three areas by providing an overview of what to expect on exam day, a description of the types of questions you’ll see, Do’s and Don’ts, and tools for logical reasoning questions.

The analytical reasoning exercises and questions coach you on setups and how to determine possible or probable outcomes in scenarios that are ruled by specific sets of conditions. The logical reasoning questions measure your capacity for critical evaluation, analysis, and argument completion. Lastly, the reading comprehension questions test your ability to understand passages of various natures and determine your ability to extract and extrapolate from them.

Each group of exercises and questions are categorized into different levels of difficulty (basic, medium, advanced), so if you feel you are ready or if the system advises that you are ready to move on, you can increase the challenge. However, you have complete freedom to move at a pace that is most comfortable for you.

Instructional Videos and Tutorials

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

Instructional videos and tutorials are only available online through pre-recorded clips. They are linked to the types of questions based on the content. For instance, if you answered one of the Logical Reasoning questions incorrectly, the prep program will guide you towards lessons, exercises, and videos that you can watch to understand how they obtained the correct answer, step-by-step. You don’t need to search for this help; it’s provided automatically.

The program also provides what’s called Hints. These describe steps you would take to reach the correct solution. This is beneficial information even if you got the question right because these hints walk you through the correct process to obtain the right answer.

The downside is that there are no live classes or interactive sessions with instructors. You cannot message, e-mail, or call an expert. This program only provides online, recorded guidance through videos.

Full-Length Practice Exams

The program includes 12 full-length exams that are all official and provided by LSAC. However, the exams are comprised of a variety of official questions from actual exams, and some of the questions may not have appeared on any of previously-released exams.

Progress Tracking

With every successful completion of a skill or lesson, the program provides positive feedback and helps you track your journey to reach your desired score. If you get stumped, the program offers suggestions on increasing practice in key areas, so you don’t waste time on what you’ve already mastered.

You can review all of the work you’ve completed, at any time, including test scores and how you answered the questions. Your information and progress are always available as long as you have access to your account.

Khan Academy’s LSAT Prep Strengths 

Khan Academy’s LSAT prep program provides anyone planning to take the LSAT a free option to prepare for it. While many other test prep programs, both live and online, cost money, Khan Academy’s program offers a skills evaluation and a study program at no cost.

It’s Free

Khan Academy’s program offers a wide variety of questions, lessons and skill-building tools that are essential to doing well on the LSAT. While its offerings are not as comprehensive as other popular programs, it does provide basic tools to help with understanding how questions are dissected into information that can be used to obtain the correct answer. And because the lessons are recorded and not live, students can benefit from the instruction anytime and anywhere.

Khan Academy LSAT Prep
Khan Academy 

Diagnostic Evaluation 

No two people learn the same way. One strength of this program is that it starts by evaluating your current skills and level of understanding in areas that are key to doing well on the LSAT. This information is used to formulate a customized study plan that aims to get you to your desired score by your chosen exam date.

Based on how much time you have, you can choose between two options on the diagnostic evaluation: a full exam or a series of short test sessions that represent all the various question types on a full exam.

Khan Academy’s LSAT Prep Weaknesses 

Khan Academy’s LSAT prep program fell short in a few areas when it came to the variety of test questions and full-length exams.

Few Exams and Questions

After a few days of looking at questions in the Analytical Reasoning section, we started to see some questions more than once, which led us to believe they do not have as many as the paid programs. We were able to get around this by changing the difficulty level, but that is just a temporary fix.

Khan LSAT Prep
Khan Academy

No Digital LSAT Practice

The Khan Academy practice tests were not in the new Digital LSAT format. In fact, none of the questions on the platform were in the new Digital LSAT format, and there was virtually no discussion of the new Digital LSAT.

Inactive Forums and No Way to Ask Questions

Student questions received no response in the comments area below each question, and there was no other way to ask questions of the instructors. Given this, it appears that students who asked questions had no way to get feedback or guidance.

No Live Classes

While Khan Academy’s program offers in-depth instruction through well-designed tutorials and informational walk-throughs that work through questions, it does not support live instruction, classes, one-on-one tutoring, or live messaging with experts.

No Score Increase Guarantee

Khan Academy’s LSAT prep does not guarantee a score increase.


Khan Academy’s LSAT prep program is free. All of the diagnostic exams, practice exams, lessons, videos, instructional feedback, study plans, and tracking are available to everyone, online, at no charge.

Khan Academy LSAT Prep vs. Kaplan

There are not many LSAT prep programs that are free, although several do provide free lessons. Kaplan offers a free Starter Pack that provides free access to teachers and resources for one week. It also offers a Pop Quiz that evaluates your skills, and a general study plan. Twenty-Minute Workouts provide condensed sessions of practice questions supported by explanations, and you can take one free, online LSAT practice test. They also offer some free events, as well. Comparatively, Khan Academy’s free offering includes many more practice exams and a customized plan that guides you all the way to exam day.

Final Verdict

Khan Academy is worth using if you're on a budget and want to get a customized plan with practice exams and lessons to help you ace the test. We love the free diagnostic evaluation, and although there are no live classes or ways to ask questions, we feel it's a great service to use if you need minimal practice and/or want to learn at your own pace.

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