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Free Online Video Tutorials in Math, Science, Humanities, and More

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Khan Academy tutorials have revolutionized the way that people think about teaching and learning online. This non-profit educational website was started by MIT grad Salman Khan. He began using the internet as a way to tutor a young relative and people found his video tutorials so useful that he quit his job and began making educational resources full time. The site now provides more than 3,000 free educational videos on a range of topics including mathematics, economics, history, and computer science.
These free lessons are delivered via OpenCourseWare Youtube video clips embedded on the Khan Academy website Many of the videos include free examples and practice exercises. Khan Academy prides itself with having delivered well over 100 million lessons free of charge.
One of the advantages of learning from Khan is the nature in which each video tutorial is presented. Rather than looking at the instructors face, the videos are presented in a conversational form as if the pupil is receiving one-on-one instruction with step-by-step doodles.

Khan Academy Tutorial Subjects

Each Khan Academy subject is broken down into several categories. Math offers a span from basic Algebra and Geometry up to Calculus and Differential Equations. One of the more unique aspects of this category is the presence of its brain teaser section. In addition to being a good preparation for popular job interview questions, it’s also an enjoyable way to learn different logic principles.
The category for Science offers everything from basic Biology to lessons on Organic Chemistry and Computer Science. This section offers some very unique courses on Healthcare and Medicine exploring topics like Heart Disease and Healthcare Costs.
The Finance and Economics category offers videos on Banking, the Credit Crisis, and Economics. The Venture Capital courses are within this section and cover everything an entrepreneur would need to know to take a startup all the way to an initial public offering.
The Humanities category offers a number of civics and history courses on interesting subjects like how the United States Electoral College functions. The History courses offer a very detailed examination of world events throughout history. There is even a broad examination of over 1700 years of art history.
The fifth and final category is very different from the previous four. It’s called Test Prep and offers courses to assist pupils in preparing to take standardized tests like the SAT, the GMAT, and even Singapore Math.
In addition to the rather large selection of learning videos located on the "Watch" section of the website, there is also a practice section which allows learners to select the areas of learning which they’d prefer to take practice quizzes on. The website allows those that sign in to track their progress through each lesson. It also allows teachers or coaches to track and assist their students as they go through the various lessons.
Content is available in subtitles for a wide range of languages and is dubbed in 16. Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to help with the translation effort. When taking a break from a course, the Khan Academy offers an area where students can explore a wide range of Khan Academy related talks and interviews primarily involving the founder Salman Khan.
The wealth of information available at Khan Academy makes it one of the most popular learning websites on the internet. It’s used by young and old alike to learn, practice and improve different skills. With some lessons taking less than ten minutes and with the ability to pause, one can control the rate at which they learn and adjust their study efforts to meet any schedule. A pilot program is currently in place to test the integration of Khan Academy with a number of traditional schools. With such popularity, it seems very likely that content from online sources such as Khan Academy will increasingly be found in traditional classrooms as a way to augment the curriculum.

Khan Academy Apps

The official mobile app to view and access Khan Academy is available free via the Apple iTunes store. Android users can download the Khan Academy App from Google Play

Getting Credit for Khan Tutorials

While you can’t earn college credit just by viewing the Khan Tutorials, you can use them to earn credit via testing. Take a look at this article to find out how to get college credit by exam.

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