Kids' DVDs - Bugs, Insects, and Spiders!

Maybe your preschooler loves bugs, or maybe you are trying to help him or her get over a fear of bugs. Whatever the case, here are some fun DVDs of movies or shows featuring bugs, insects, spiders and more. Most of them are both educational and entertaining.

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Epic (2013)

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Kids get a bug's-eye view in this awesome animated adventure about a teenage girl who shrinks down and becomes immersed in the volatile world of the Leafmen of the forest. She is charged with an important task and the life of the forest is at stake. Kids will love the exciting adventure, and the whimsical setting and funny characters will capture their imagination. The movie is great for kids about 4 years old and up, though the characters do sling some mild insults at each other that kids might imitate. The bonus features add even more buggy fun with educational featurettes about bugs, science and even a little physics. After watching


, kids will be begging to grab a magnifying glass and go on a backyard adventure. (Rated PG)

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Sid The Science Kid: Bug Club (2009)

Sid the Science Kid
Photo © The Him Henson Company

Co-produced by The Jim Henson Company and KCET/Los Angeles for PBS KIDS, Sid the Science Kid is a half hour computer-animated program for preschoolers. Always wondering "why?" or "how?," Sid's inquisitive nature and zeal for learning make science a natural part of his every day life. Sid can't rest until he finds the answers to his questions about life and the world around him, and since he has a lot of questions, he's a very busy kid. The Bug Club DVD features four episodes of the show that teach kids about bugs, nature, science and more. Bug-loving kids will get to learn about bees and ants and the places those insects call home. (Preschoolers)

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Go Diego Go!: It's a Bug's World (2008)

Go Diego Go!: It's a Bug's World
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Diego and his friend Kicho use Kicho’s magic flute to shrink to bug size and enter the secret river in order to get to the hoppin' Whirligig Beetle dance contest in "It's a Bug's World." Diego and Kicho run into a friend with a problem, but thanks to Click and some Spanish speaking flowers, Diego is able to help Benito the Beetle. Like other Go Diego Go! episodes, "It's a Bug's World" teaches children fun facts about nature. (Recommended for preschoolers)

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The Magic School Bus: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs (1994)

The Magic School Bus
Photo © Warner Home Video

Ms. Frizzle takes her class on many adventures in the Magic School Bus/Boat/Plane/whatever vehicle she needs the bus to turn into. This collection of animated educational field trips educates and entertains viewing children as the comical kids from Ms. Frizzle's class explore the homes and worlds of butterflies, ants, and bees. Educational TV just doesn't get any better than

The Magic School Bus

series. The shows are fun and full of facts that will spark kids' imagination and leave them longing to learn more. (Ages 4+ -- younger kids may enjoy the DVD as well, but the concepts introduced can be complex for kids under 4.)

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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids (2003)

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids
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David Kirk brings his

Miss Spider
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

, featuring the same buggy characters have also been released. (The movie is rated G and is recommended for kids 4-8, but DVDs based on the TV series are generally OK for younger kids as well.)

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A Bug's Life (1998)

A Bug's Life
Photo © Disney/Pixar
A Bug's Life
A Bug's Life

and other cartoons they watch today. The movie is also available on DVD with different bonus features (Compare Prices). (Rated G, recommended for ages 3+)

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Bee Movie (2007)

Bee Movie
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follows one Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfeld), a recent college graduate who can't wait to get a job at Honex making honey. When things don't turn out quite as he had expected, Barry ventures out on his own and ends up suing the human race. The comical animated movie is not exactly accurate in it's portrayal of bee's for sure, but there are some aspects of bee life that kids will learn about, or at least gain a desire to learn more about. (PG, ages 4+)

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Fly Me to the Moon (2008)

Fly Me to the Moon
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An adventurous young housefly named Nat and his pals, IQ and Scooter, become part of history as they hitch a ride on the extraordinary Apollo 11 mission. Not only is the story entertaining for kids, but it is also educational. Although kids won't learn too many true facts about bugs, the story highlights man's first walk on the moon, and Buzz Aldrin even voices his own character. The DVD contains both the 3D and 2D versions of the film, so kids who don't want to put up with the glasses can still enjoy the movie. (Rated G. Recommended for ages 4-10.)

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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)

Honey I Shrunk the Kids
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Do you remember watching this Disney flick when you were a kid? The bumbling inventor dad accidentally shrinks his kids down to bug size and throws them out with the trash. As they make the treacherous journey back across the yard, giant insects and other perils make the tiny adventure exciting. Parents may want to preview the movie before letting young kids watch do to some of the humor and thematic elements. (PG, recommended for ages 8+)