Kim Ruehl

Kim Ruehl is a writer and musician who has been actively involved in the folk music scene since 1996.


In addition to running the Folk Music site for, Kim is the Community Manager for Her writing about folk and American roots music has appeared in Seattle's SoundNW, CityArts, and Seattle magazines, as well as Billboard, West Coast Performer, and online at Folk Alley and NPR. Along with touring for most of her twenties (mostly on the East Coast) as a folk musician, she spent several years moving from music scene to music scene, soaking up the musical styles native to various regions of the country. Kim has lived and played in cities from Orlando to Seattle, and just about everywhere in-between. She started writing about American folk and roots music in 2003, after several years as an independent singer-songriter. In 2010, she moved to Asheville, NC, to begin research on a book about Zilphia Horton - the musicologist credited with "We Shall Overcome," "This Little Light of Mine," and other anthems of collective empowerment.

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