Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) | General Hospital Actress

Jason (Steve Burton) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms). Ron Tom/ABC


Pretty, sparkling Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie Jones, made her debut off-Broadway at the age of five, after being noticed by a talent agent in her native Orlando, Florida.

Her parents then put her in an acting program for children in New York state. This in turn led to Storms' Off-Broadway debut.

The youngster's life then became a series of commutes from Florida to New York as she went on commercial and acting auditions, at one point doing a commercial for the Galoob Baby Doll.


The blonde beauty was born on April 8, 1984. She has a sister, Gretchen Storms, who is also an actress, and two older brothers.

From the time she was twelve, Storms appeared regularly in prime time, on shows including Second Noah, Any Day Now, and The Rockford Files, as well as in the Stanley Donen film, Love Letters. She also played Laura Cummings on 7th Heaven.

In 2004, she was a regular in the series Clubhouse and did the voice of Bonnie Rockwaller on the Disney series Kim Possible.

In 1999, she debuted as Belle Black on Days of Our Lives, staying with the show for five years before becoming Maxie Jones on General Hospital in 2005. Her enthusiastic portrayal of the shallow, always in trouble but likable Maxie proved a hit with the fans. 

Storms also pulled double duty, appearing also on General Hospital: Night Shift during the years of its run. And, ever energetic, she made time to do a film, Dadnapped, which was released in 2009.

Hoping to recreate the chemistry with her Days costar Jason Cook, he was brought onto General Hospital in 2008 as Matt Hunter, Patrick Drake's brother. Though they never quite clicked, they did play a couple on GH.

Audiences have loved watching Storms play the more mature Maxie and watching the ups and downs of her relationship with Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), to whom, despite her love for him, Maxie has never been able to make a full commitment.

As one of the most popular actresses on General Hospital, Storms' character is kept busy. She became a fashionista, working at a fashion magazine, Crimson, and sporting some fabulous outfits.

Personal Life

The actress and her family have regularly adopted dogs from the local animal shelter. She has been involved with programs supporting American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq; her brother Austin was sent to serve in Iraq.

Though, as Maxie, she constantly sparred with ex-Lulu (Julie Berman), she counts Berman as a close friend and attended her wedding. With the new Lulu (Emme Rylan), Maxie, after a rough patch, seems to have settled into a strong friendship with her once again.

Storms left General Hospital due to endometriosis, and it was later announced that she would not be returning. She was replaced by Jen Lilley.  Lilley's last air date as Maxie was August 10, 2012. To the delight of her fans, Storms returned to General Hospital and is enjoying her usual juicy storylines.

In 2013, Storms and Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) announced that they were married and expecting a baby in January 2014. The baby was a girl, Harper Rose. Though Maxie and Johnny had chemistry and scenes together, the real-life couple didn't get together until much later.

The actress went on maternity leave and returned in March 2014. She and Barash have announced they are divorcing but remaining friends.

Real Name:

Kirsten Renee Storms

Date of Birth:

April 8, 1984

Place of Birth:

Orlando, Florida