KRAUS - Surname Meaning and Family History

What Does the Last Name Kraus Mean?

The Kraus surname often originated as a nickname for someone with curly hair.
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The last name Kraus is a descriptive German surname meaning "with curly hair," from the Middle High German krus, meaning "curly."

Surname Origin: German


Famous People with the Kraus Surname

  • Adolph Kraus - Jewish leader and lawyer
  • Charles A. Kraus - American chemist
  • Gertrud Kraus - pioneer of modern dance in Israel
  • Hans Werner-Kraus - German U-boat commander
  • Joseph Martin Kraus - classical composer
  • Georg Melchior Kraus - German painter

Where is the Kraus Surname Most Common?

According to surname distribution from Forebears, the Kraus surname is most common in Germany, where it ranks 52nd in the nation, followed by Austria (95th), Luxembourg (170th), and Czech Republic (199th). Krause with the "e," however, is even more popular in Germany—coming in as the 27th most frequent surname.

WorldNames PublicProfiler indicates a similar distribution, with the greatest percentage of individuals named Kraus in Germany, followed by Austria and Luxembourg. German surname distribution maps at show Kraus as most common in southeastern Germany in areas such as Forchheim and Augsburg, while Kraus is much more frequent in northwestern and western Germany, around Hannover and Recklinghausen.

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