Krista Cook

Krista is a 7th generation Utah Mormon. She was born, raised and educated in the Mormon Corridor. Her great-great-great grandfather was a prominent Mormon pioneer and polygamist. He served as clerk to Joseph Smith, the faith's founding prophet. LDS Church history is her family history. She has held nearly every position possible in the Church's volunteer lay ministry. Her profile is on


She worked briefly as a journalist, but mostly writes freelance. Her personal LDS blog has been featured many times in the Deseret News, the Salt Lake City newspaper owned by the Church. She has also helped research, write and edit many academic materials. She was a professor for several years, teaching both graduates and undergraduates.

She and her husband met on an LDS singles website long before this became common or accepted. They were sealed in the Denver LDS Temple. Currently, they live quietly, and unobtrusively, amongst the Wesleyans in Marion, Indiana.


Two of her college degrees (B.A., M.P.A.) were earned at Brigham Young University, the Church's flagship school. Her Ph.D. and M.L.S. were earned elsewhere. She also studied at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. She is a Seminary graduate and attended Institute.

Krista Cook

I grew up in Mormondom speaking Mormonese as my first language. It took some time to understand other people and other people's lives. Having achieved that, helping others understand Mormons is now my aim.

Studying and practicing my religion is still my passion, as well as my pastime. I hope to help you in your resolve to live the life Jesus Christ would have us all live.

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