Kristian Alfonso Launches Believe Jewelry Line

Kristian Alfonso. Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
Kristian Alfonso (Hope) launched her Hope Faith Miracles jewelry line back in 2006. Now, she’s branched out with a brand new collection called Believe, which she debuted on The Shopping Channel in Canada on March 24. The line features two of Alfonso’s favorite designs, fleur de lis and the Maltese cross, displayed in an array of baubles from cocktail rings to pendants to stunning drop earrings. Alfonso discusses the collection, the inspiration behind it, and her determination to continue to produce beautiful, quality items.


You’ve come a long way from when Hope Faith Miracles started, haven’t you?
Right now, we have over 130, 140 pieces, and we started with five. They’re all sterling silver and rhodium plated, which is a type of gold that gives pieces that beautiful platinum look. And we use triple-A quality CZ’s (cubic zirconias). I had no clue that CZ’s are actually rated like diamonds.

How is the Believe collection different from Hope Faith Miracles?
It’s my diamond and precious stone line. And, once again, it’s sterling or 14 or 18 karat gold over sterling. It’s going to be [available] on The Shopping Channel in Canada.

What was the main goal, when designing and crafting this particular collection?
I wanted to design a line that looked Fifth Avenue, but at a fraction of the price. [I wanted the pieces] to be really affordable.

Where do you do you find the inspiration for all your pieces?
My inspiration comes from anything.
I can be looking in a magazine, see a tree, and be like, “You know what? I’m going to do a leaf line and make it very ethereal.” I’ll be reading my script, sitting out on my balcony, and I’ll just look out and start thinking about [something]. What if I did this? What if I did that? What if I started a wedding line?
What if I did a heart or did this or that?

Do you actually sketch pieces yourself?
I can sketch, but I’m not Picasso; not even on his worst day. (Laughs.) I work with someone, until we get it complete. I’ll give her the concept and my drawing of what I want. We’ll go back and forth, because I’m very particular. I want the piece to be exactly what I envisioned. So I may have to go through a few different molds and samples. It takes a long time. There are things you have to consider, as well, because after you make the mold, you pour, and the metal cures, things shrink 20 to 30 percent. So you have to make adjustments for that.

You seem to be really passionate about your jewelry lines and jewelry in general.
I am. Jewelry is, for me, the icing on the cake. It adds that extra sparkle.

Anyone interested in perusing or purchasing items from Alfonso’s Believe line can do so, here.