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Kiefer Bauer, Kristina's abusive boyfriend, and the original adult Kristina, Lexi Ainsworth. American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

A Difficult Beginning

Kristina Adele Corinthos-Davis is the daughter of Alexis Davis and Sonny Corinthos. She was born on November 19, 2002. She was SORASed and her birth date then became November 19, 1993.

Alexis at the time was engaged to marry Ned Ashton, who has agreed to claim that he was the father. Alexis was determined to keep Kristina from Sonny’s mob life and the accompanying danger it might bring her.

In typical soap opera fashion, however, Kristina becomes ill, so the truth emerges when Kristina becomes ill and stem cells from Sonny's stillborn daughter with Sam McCall are used to save Kristina's life; Sam would later turn out to be Alexis's long lost daughter, so Alexis was in fact asking for stem cells from her own grandchild.

Alexis wins sole custody of her daughter and vows to keep Sonny away; after a fight, he is granted visitation rights.


Kristina, Michael, and Morgan were kidnapped by A.J. Quartermaine in 2006. When Alexis is diagnosed with cancer, Kristina goes to live with Sonny and Carly.

When she saw Sam shoot Diego Alcazar, Kristina checked out for weeks, as if in a trance. She recovers and relates what she saw. Then she spots Diego Alcazar, the Text Message killer, alive! It’s another trance-like state for Kristina.

In 2008, Kristina's brother Michael is shot by mistake and goes into a coma.

This was an attempt on Sonny’s life, so Alexis will not allow Sonny near Kristina. It’s in this year that Kristina's year of birth is changed to 1993, and she becomes 16.

The Teen Kristina

The older Kristina is kind of a brat when she first appears and gives Jason Morgan a hard time in the summer of 2009.

She enjoys being with her brother Michael, now out of his coma but dealing with bad anger issues.

Of course her mother doesn't approve. Michael is still finding his way and Alexis fears he could lead Kristina into a dangerous situation, or act out in a way that hurts her. Plus, he is Sonny's son and right in the middle of the Danger Zone.

Kristina pays no attention to her mother. With Sonny out of her life, she does crazy things, including marijuana, driving without a license, and sneaking into clubs.

At school, Kristina meets and starts dating Kiefer Bauer, who makes fun of Michael. With Kristina, or K, as he calls her, he is controlling. One night in 2009, he hits her when she refuses to have sex with him.

Later she finds him with another girl and, heartbroken, causes a car accident in which her ex-stepmother, Carly, is injured.

Michael thinks the accident was his fault. He and Kristina decide to run away to Mexico, where Jerry Jacks takes them hostage. Sam and Jason rescue them and return the two runaways to Port Charles.

Kristina confesses to her involvement to the accident, but Alexis admits that it was her fault.

An Abusive Relationship

After observing Kiefer’s behavior toward Kristina, Michael sends two of Sonny’s henchmen to have a word with him.

Kiefer blames Kristina for the visit and hits her again.

Kristina, however, has developed a crush on Ethan Lovett. During this time, she gives into Kiefer and has sex with him. But Kristina still wants to be with Ethan, making Kiefer jealous.

By February 2010, Kristina is fed up with her father, particularly after he shoots Dante. Granted, he didn’t know Dante was his son. Then Michael confesses that he killed his stepmother Claudia in self-defense and in order to protect his mother, Carly, and his newborn sister Josslyn. This throws Kristina into a tailspin.

A month later, Kiefer beats his girlfriend and puts her in the hospital. Kristina claims that Ethan did it, figuring that Sonny would not hurt Luke’s son. She ultimately tells the truth.

Kiefer is killed when Alexis accidentally hits him with her car.

His “ghost” haunts Kristina and his father Warren really haunts Kristina and her family, wanting justice for his son’s death.

In July 2010, Kristina and Michael are confronted by Warren. He pulls a gun on them, but before he can shoot, he’s stopped.

Kristina Pretends to Date Johnny

Kristina doesn't skip a beat. She remains angry at Sonny and determined to make him angry. Over the summer, Kristina pretends that she’s dating Johnny Zacchara, knowing how this would sit with her father.

Her plan backfires when she shows up at Johnny’s and he escorts her to the garage so that he can give her a ride home. A car bomb goes off – set by Sonny – and Kristina is injured.

Depression and Death

Kiefer's treatment of her, Michael's problems, the problems she has with her parents, the situation with Ethan and Johnny, both of whom consider her too young and too dangerous for them, and she really finds herself a troubled young woman.

Her study partner, Taylor, seems to really like her, but Kristina finds she is unable to get close to him. When Sonny marries Brenda Barrett, Brenda steps in and encourages Kristina to reconcile with Sonny.

There is, however, more sorrow to come. Later on, when Kristina goes on a ski trip, the bus goes off the road, and her best friend, Ali, is killed. Kristina is devastated.

Lisa Niles' Vitamins

Ethan now is married to Maya Ward, but Kristina remains crazy about him. Ethan’s marriage is in order to get money from Edward; Kristina knows that.

At that point, Kristina is hired to care for Emma Drake.

Here she falls victim to crazy Patrick stalker Lisa Niles. Knowing that Kristina is wait-listed for Yale, Lisa offers her some harmless vitamins, telling Kristina that they would help calm her while she waited to hear from Yale.

Kristina becomes hooked on prescription drugs. Fortunately the problem is dealt with immediately, thanks to Ethan stepping in.

Surgery and Yale

Ethan and Maya divorce in June 2011, and Kristina follows Ethan to the Dominican Republic, where he is seeking his divorce. Her parents are horrified.

Then the young woman begins having dizzy spells and fainting episodes. These are explained by Dr. Drake as being a result of the car bomb that Sonny planted. Surgery is performed, leaving her paralyzed for a short time.

Once back in decent health, Kristina decides that since she's interested in fashion, she would love to work for Kate Howard. Before she can take a position, she is accepted to Yale.

Kristina is thrilled, and after a going-away party in November 2011, she leaves for Connecticut.

Mob Princess

Kristina quits Yale in May 2012 and appears in Port Charles two weeks later. She’s a changed woman, much more mature, much more confident…and much angrier. At Yale, she overheard girls talking about Sonny pulling some strings to get her admitted to college. She was thereafter called “Mob Princess.”

Humiliated, Kristina drops out. With the help of a young producer, Trey Mitchell, Kristina has plans to do a reality show called, appropriately, “Mob Princess”. After all, isn't that what she is?

And won't that teach her parents a lesson?

Trey looks for an apartment in Port Charles and winds up as Starr Manning's roommate. and Kristina dislikes her immediately. Trey and Kristina are attracted to one another, but Trey stays away from her because of his commitment to to the show. Eventually they own up to the attraction, and Trey decides to cancel "Mob Princess."

Few people know that Trey is really the son of Joe Scully, Jr., with whom Sonny used to work. Sonny wants Joe dead after learning that he raped Kate, and that as a result, Kate had a baby. She abandoned her child, and because of all this trauma, now suffers from split personalities.

Jerry Jacks

Most recently, Jerry Jacks administers a drug to Alexis. The drug is intended to protect her from an epidemic that Jerry is sending to Port Charles, but as a side effect to the infection, Alexis becomes ill and has to go to the hospital.

Kristina, and her sisters Sam and Molly, stay together at the hospital and pray that their mom will get better. Thankfully, she does.

Back Home

Kristina decides to depart for LA with Trey, but they don't get very far, as there is a terrible car accident and Trey is injured. He is declared brain dead and taken off of life support. Kristina returns to school, but she is back in 2015 with a secret. She is vague about school, and finally reveals to Molly that she was suspended for offering sex to a professor in exchange for a better grade.

What comes out later is that the professor is a woman. Kristina isn't sure if she is gay; she knows she is attracted to Professor Parker, and for now, her sexuality is fluid. Alexis is afraid that she is being coerced by Parker, but that is not the case.

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