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The adverbial French prefix là- can be added to certain adverbs of place to mean "there" or "that." The opposite of là- is ci-, which means "here" or "this." 

Adverbs Where là- Can Be Added

This is the complete list:

là-hautup there
là-basdown there, over there
là-dessuson top of that
là-dessousunder that
là-devantin front of that
là-derrièrebehind that
là-dedansinside that
là-dehorsoutside (of) that

Là- can also be added to one other adverb:

  • là-même
  • right there, in that very place

Note: As it can only be added to adverbs, là- is less flexible than its antonym ci-.

Grammatical agreement: There is never any agreement with the adverbs attached to là-.

  • Qui est cette fille là-bas?
  • Who is that girl over there?
  • J'ai trouvé les clés là-haut.
  • I found the keys up there.
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