Laboratory Glassware Quiz

Let's See If You Can Recognize Common Glassware in a Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Glassware
Chemistry Glassware. John Kuczala, Getty Images
1. This first one is supposed to build your confidence. Each one of these pieces of glassware is called a:
Test Tubes in a Rack. Paul Bradbury, Getty Images
2. No lab is complete without this glassware. Some have measurement lines and some are unmarked. These are:
Beakers Containing pH Indicator. Trish Gant, Getty Images
3. Any glassware with a narrow neck and larger base is called a flask. There are many different types. What is this one?
Erlenmeyer Flask - Chemistry. GIPhotoStock, Getty Images
4. What is the name of this piece of glassware?
Volumetric Flask. Mark Viker, Getty Images
5. This piece of glassware is a:
Chemist with Burette. Steve McAlister, Getty Images
6. Here's another common item in the lab. This glassware is called a:
Petri Dish. Photoevent, Getty Images
7. This item is essential in the chemistry lab and other labs that deal with liquids. It is a:
Female Chemist and Graduated Cylinder. Ariel Skelley, Getty Images
8. This item may be made from metal or plastic, not just glass. What is it called?
Orange Plastic Funnel. Vincenzo Lombardo, Getty Images
9. You might not have one of these in your science lab, but should know it. The light blue section of this apparatus is a:
Whiskey Distillation Apparatus. Murat Sen, Getty Images
10. The key to identifying this glassware is to notice the round bottom. The glass is thick and sturdy. This is a:
Boiling Flask or Florence Flask. Fotografias de Rodolfo Velasco, Getty Images
Laboratory Glassware Quiz
You got: % Correct. You Need To Take Glass Class
I got You Need To Take Glass Class. Laboratory Glassware Quiz
F or Failing Grade. Ann Cutting, Getty Images

No, you didn't actually get an "F", but let's face it... glassware is not your thing. It's not an insurmountable obstacle. You learned about key glassware during the quiz, plus you can review the less common types easily enough. Ready for something else? Let's see which chemical element you are.

Laboratory Glassware Quiz
You got: % Correct. Middle of the Class with Glass
I got Middle of the Class with Glass. Laboratory Glassware Quiz
C Grade. Ann Cutting, Getty Images

You aren't completely unfamiliar with laboratory glassware, plus you filled in some gaps in your knowledge with the quiz. Where to go from here? Try another quiz or use glassware to perform experiments.

Laboratory Glassware Quiz
You got: % Correct. Top of the Glass Class
I got Top of the Glass Class. Laboratory Glassware Quiz
A+ Grade. Ann Cutting, Getty Images

If there was a glass class, you'd graduate with honors. If you're not sure you know all the important glassware, you can review types and uses. Otherwise, how about trying another quiz or using glassware for a blue to clear color change demonstration?