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Example Late Work and Make Up Work Policy

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Here is an example of a late work and make-up work policy that a teacher would hand out to students and parents at the beginning of the year. This was created using the article, How to Deal with Late Work and Make-Up Work.

To be regarded on time, work must be completed by the beginning of the period on the day it is due.

Short homework assignments will be stamped "on time" only at the beginning of the period. If we go over answers to the previous night's homework, you should copy answers while we check homework to save as a review, but you will not get credit for having done your homework. If the homework is collected without answers being given in class, you may turn it in the following day with a late penalty. Unfinished homework is not accepted.

Larger graded assignments may be turned in late with a one-grade penalty for each day late. They will not be accepted after the fourth day they are due. You may not work on late homework instead of the day's assignment. Attempts to do so will result in a zero for the late work.

In the case of excused absences, you have two extra days for each excused absence not counting the day of your return. Since your assignment will have to be changed to a comparable assignment if graded assignments are returned before yours are turned in, you should ask me if you need to get an alternate assignment so you don't have to do two instead of one. Work due on the day of an unexcused absence receives a grade of zero.

Long term assignments (assignments made at least two weeks in advance) are due the day of your return from an excused absence. If you are in school but excused from this class, you must turn in long range assignments between classes or at the beginning of lunch time in order to avoid late penalties.

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