Understanding the Latin Root "Ambul"

To amble, from the Latin root, ambul-

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To become truly adept at understanding what you read, vocabulary acquisition is very important. You can certainly try to memorize list after list of vocabulary words by making vocabulary flashcards, downloading the best vocabulary apps, and completing reading comprehension worksheets that focus on vocabulary, but you'd still have gaps in your knowledge. One of the best, most efficient ways to increase your vocabulary is by understanding Greek and Latin roots, suffixes, and prefixes. There are four really good reasons to learn them, and if you already understand that fact, then, by all means, take a peek at this Latin root ambul—and get started improving your vocabulary today.

The Latin Root Ambul-

Definition: To walk, to take steps, to go around. From "to wander; to go astray"

Pronunciation: æm'-bull Use the short vowel sound "a." 

English Words Using or Derived From Ambul

  • Amble: To walk at a slow, easy pace. Meander. OR, when used as a noun, a slow easy walk or the ambling gait of a horse.
  • Ambler: One who walks at a slow, easy pace or meanders.
  • Ambulance: A specially equipped motor vehicle for carrying people or injured people, usually to a hospital.
  • Ambulate: To walk about or move from place to place.
  • Ambulant: Moving from place to place; shifting; itinerant
  • Ambulatory: Of, or related to walking or moving; being able to walk or move
  • Circumambulate: To ceremoniously walk around or go about.
  • Somnambulist: Someone who walks while sleeping.
  • Perambulator (pram): A baby carriage.
  • Preamble: Literally, to walk before. Modern usage: an introductory statement, preface, or introduction. 

Alternate Spellings: amble

Examples in Context

  1. The dirty cowboy ambled up to the bar, spurs clinking on the wooden floorboards, and casually ordered two whiskeys: one for him, one for his horse.
  2. The dog groomer's business has boomed since moving from a downtown office downtown to an ambulatory grooming van.
  3. The new mom couldn't decide which perambulator would best carry the baby to the park while showcasing her posh style.
  4. Being a somnambulist isn't easy; you may wake up rummaging through the kitchen pantry with no memory of how you got there. 
  5. Never was there a more ambulant job than being a taxi driver in New York. 
  6. The doctor said he'd release her from the hospital as soon as she could ambulate on her own. Since the woman had no idea what the doctor meant (she didn't study her Latin roots), she removed the catheter and gave it a try. She didn't get to leave.
  7. After winning the grand championship, the MVP made a great show of circumambulating the field while the spectators cheered and whistled for their home team. 
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