Latin Prepositions That Take the Ablative Case

English translation of Latin ablative prepositions.

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The following Latin prepositions may be used with the ablative case.

  • Note: Some of these prepositions may also be used with the accusative case, but the meaning may be slightly different. Some of these prepositions can also be used as adverbs.

Where there are 2 forms of the preposition, the form with a consonant is used before words beginning with vowels.

  • ab, a -from
  • coram -in the presence of, before
  • cum -with
  • de -down from, from
  • ex, e -out of, from
  • in -in
  • intus -within
  • palam -openly in the presence of
  • prae -in front of, before
  • pro -before
  • procul -far from
  • simul together with, simultaneously with
  • sine -without
  • sub -under

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