Table of Common Latin Pronouns

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Although a dead language, many people continue to learn Latin today. Latin was the language of the Ancient Roman Empire but continues to be used by scholars, scientists, and linguists today.

Over time, aspects of Latin were the building blocks of Romance languages, which include Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. Additionally, many Latin words have been adopted by the English language. For example, the words scholar, nautical, and lingual derive from the Latin word schola, nauta, and lingua respectively. Latin words are also used in biology and medicine to name substances, animals, and so on.

So if you are studying up on SAT or ACT vocabulary words, learning a new Romance language, working in the field of science, or a scholar of ancient Rome, learning Latin may be a good idea for you.

If you are learning Latin, this table of Latin personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, and relative pronoun will prove a very helpful resource.

is, ea, id
(he, she, it, that)
Demonstrative and Personal Pronoun
3rd Person

M (Sing.) F (Sing.) N (Sing.) M (Pl.) F (Pl.) N (Pl.)
NOM is ea id ei eae ea
GEN eius eius eius eorum earum eorum
DAT ei ei ei eis eis eis
ACC eum eam id eos eas ea
ABL eo ea eo eis eis eis

ille, illa, illud
(he, she, it, that) 
Demonstrative Pronoun

M (Sing.) F (Sing.) N (Sing.) M (Pl.) F (Pl.) N (Pl.)
NOM ille illa illud illi illae illa
GEN illius illius illius illorum illarum illorum
DAT illi illi illi illis illis illis
ACC illum illam illud illos illas illa
ABL illo illa illo illis illis illis

hic, haec, hoc
(this, these)
Demonstrative Pronoun

M (Sing.) F (Sing.) N (Sing.) M (Pl.) F (Pl.) N (Pl.)
NOM hic haec hoc hi hae haec
GEN huius huius huius horum harum horum
DAT huic huic huic his his his
ACC hunc hanc hoc hos has haec
ABL hoc hac hoc his his his

qui, quae, quod
(who, which) 
Relative Pronoun

M (Sing.) F (Sing.) N (Sing.) M (Pl.) F (Pl.) N (Pl.)
NOM qui quae quod qui quae quae
GEN cuius cuius cuius quorum quarum quorum
DAT cui cui cui quibus quibus quibus
ACC quem quam quod quos quas quae
ABL quo qua quo quibus quibus quibus
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