Semi-Deponents Latin Verbs

Verba semideponentia

Semi-deponent verbs are similar to deponent verbs in that they only have three principal parts and they are active in meaning, but passive in form, but only in the "perfect" tenses. In the present tense, for instance, all is normal, so the form is active and so is the connotation/translation (e.g., soleo = I am accustomed to...). In the dictionary, you will see 3 forms:

  1. the present active indicative first person singular
  1. the present active infinitive, and
  2. the perfect passive indicative (also first person singular, as noted by the sum).

The three principal parts of the 5 main, basic semi-deponent verbs are:

  1. audeo, audere, ausus sum - dare
  2. gaudeo, gaudere, gavisus sum - rejoice
  3. soleo, solere, solitus sum - be accustomed to
  4. confido, confidere, confisus sum trust in (+ the dative)
  5. fio, fieri, factus sum - become, am made

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