How to Launch Your Holistic Business

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Why Spiritual Businesses Fail to Leave the Launch Pad

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Have you ever wondered why so many lightworkers seem to be suffering from an acute case of a ‘light wallet’?

Have you considered making your holistic practice your main source of income but struggled to get the revenue?

It is time to unlock the secret mystery of this tragic phenomenon and show you exactly how to rev up the cash potential in your business so you can use your spiritual gifts to help more people and keep yourself in UDO’s oil without breaking the bank.

Learn about the five reasons why holistic businesses fail and how to turn it around!

  1. Money Phobia
  2. Energy Vampires
  3. No Focus
  4. Lack of Confidence
  5. Too Much Information
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Get a Solid Grasp of Your Finances

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Putting bills or shopping onto your credit card, whilst visualizing abundance and trusting the universe will provide is not enough to create a healthy business.

Action Step: Sort out your accounts!

Get a handle on your money phobias. Many practitioners are the creative types who are very passionate and excited about life and all the possibilities but distinctly cringe when it comes to the bones of business. You must take a deep breath and "Make Friends With Your Books" if you are going to make this work.

Do whatever is needed to make this possible. As a creative wordy type I have struggled for years with this one. I used to think I was bad at numbers and could not take responsibility for my finances. Now I use coloured paper, keep receipts in an envelope that is always on hand and have this simple rule with paperwork: It only touches my skin once! Seriously try this one. Open your mail all in one go and deal with it then and there. If it goes to into one of my drawers or piles it gets forgotten. Period. I also have an accountant which is something I can highly recommend!

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Banish Those Energy Vampires!

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You know what I mean, right? Energy Vampires are people who attach themselves to you and drain you of your life force every day; So-called friends (or even sometimes partners) who drain you and demand your time; and are incredibly negative about you, judge all your actions and belittle your ideas.

Action Step: Believe in Yourself!

Face the fear that you might have to lose somebody’s approval to follow your heart and make your dreams come true. If there is someone who is draining your energy in your, then as painful as it may be you need to face this reality. You may need to let it go or find another way to deal with the issue, either by speaking with this person, or spending less time in their company. Just become conscious and notice your energy from no one. You should intuitively know what steps to take to stay in your power.
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Focus! Focus! Focus!

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You have seen it a thousand times before, right? We all love Phoebe’s character in Friends, but to be too vague and ‘away with the fairies’ means you may not stay as focused as you need to in order to make your business a success.

Action Step: Get VERY Clear

You must be definite about what you want in any circumstance. Staying focused is the hardest part for most therapists that I work with because there are so many distractions and attractive offers. You must set your sights on what you want, and write it down to carry with you. Place it somewhere you see every day – like on a computer screen. Once you are focused you will be able to reach your destination without all those detours. To minimize distractions you MUST have a ‘why’ – something juicy that inspires you, so that you do not feel deprived when everyone else is watching something on TV and you are refining your business plan or doing a treatment.

Cut out the habits that distract you (such as eating too much junk, waking up late, watching too much telly, reading trashy magazines, gossiping, etc.) that do not serve your life and your business!
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Build Confidence and Boost Your Personal Power

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So many healers and therapists feel a strange uncomfortable feeling when it comes to asking for money for their services or telling people about what they do. Why? I just do not know. Why anyone would be reticent to tell someone how they can help them or to ask to be paid for their services is beyond me. Do you walk into a hair salon and expect a free hair cut? Of course not. Then why would anyone feel any differently about paying for a treatment?

Action Step: Value Yourself and Your Skills

You are a gifted spiritual being with the power to help people. You can attract great clients once you start believing n yourself and your services. I can see why you might give somebody free tasters to get them interested and past their skepticism about alternative therapies, but beyond that you must run your enterprise like any other business,.

Respect yourself and your business by charging a decent price. Do not be put off charging as much a s you feel is valuable for your product and putting a premium rate on your service. It works for Stella Artois, clients are not always looking for the cheapest, they want the results. If you have the know-how and the training to ease people’s stress, un-knot their muscles and ease their tensions – that is what your customers need and want. If you meet these needs you can charge accordingly. Be proud of your art and make your art proud of you!

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Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

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Beware of too much information! Many therapists and practitioners in the holistic business get overwhelmed, saturated and diluted by reading too many self help books, attending too many seminars and wasting time on extra courses and training that might really just be one more way of putting off making a start on their business. This overload of information can create something I call ‘suspended desistance’ – where you become paralyzed and frozen to the spot, over-complicating your business and your life until you remain in a state of total confusion and fear.

Action Step: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

Training and reading is great, don’t get me wrong- but there is a time and a place for everything. Be very honest with yourself about how you spend your time.

Do One Thing Every Day that Promotes Your Business

Trust yourself and make your inner knowledge the final call on everything you do. You are the 'guru' of your life. no one knows you as well as you, so take back your power today. Never lose the sense of trust you have in yourself. Use just one or two books that really help you and take steps to simplify your life and clear unwanted clutter.
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Ready, Set, Go - Blast Off!

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Now that you know these 5 pitfalls and how to avoid them what is reading this article going to mean to you today?

Imagine if you read this for a reason, a gentle butt kick from the Universe as it were. What could that mean? It could mean that you are ready to take your life and your business to the next level. Are you reading to get started now?!

Prepare for the Launch of your Business:

  • Clear the clutter. Create the inner and outer space you need for clarity.
  • Focus = Intention + Attention. Get focused today. Just decide exactly how you want to transform your business, and commit to putting all your Attention to that Intention. The cliché is so true: where focus goes energy flows. Get your focus sharp like a laser beam, not floaty and messy like a jelly fish. Or you will be the one getting stung.
  • Break it down and take action.
  • Be persistent. Don’t worry about critics and skeptics. Don’t lose heart and keep enjoying the journey.

Katharine Dever is graduate of London’s Royal Holloway University, Bachelor of Arts degree. Reiki Master, Transformation Coach, and author of personal transformation book entitled BetterMorphosis.

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