Laura Wright | General Hospital Actress

Laura Wright as Carly. ABC, Inc.
  • Has played Carly Jacks #4 since 2005.
  • Runs Standing Sun Wines with husband John Wright.
  • Lives in San Ynez, California


Sexy, strong and feisty, Laura Wright, who plays Carly Benson Quartermaine Corinthos Alcazar Corinthos Jacks, grew up in Clinton, Maryland, where she was born Laura Sisk on September 11, 1970. She began acting and in local commercials and doing modeling while in high school and also appeared in school productions.

There was another thespian in Surratsville High School besides Wright as well -- Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden.

New York

The fledgling actress was a huge soap opera fan and soap magazine reader before entering the world of daytime drama herself. Her first major role was as Ally Rescott Bowman in the soap opera Loving in 1991, and later, the same role in a spinoff soap, The City. While on Loving, she shared an apartment with actress Kelly Ripa, who later was a bridesmaid at her wedding. 

After her stint as Ally, Wright went on to the role for which fans remember her best, ex-stripper Cassie Layne on Guiding Light, a part she played for eight years. The role of Cassie brought her many accolades, including a 1998 Soap Opera Digest Award for Best New Character In 2005.


Wright brought Cassie's streetwise attitude over to General Hospital for the role of Carly in 2005. She is the fourth actress to play the part, succeeding Sarah Joy Brown, Tamara Braun, and Jennifer Bransford.

ABC Daytime executive Brian Frons stated, "We are excited to bring Laura's talent, beauty and intelligence to this role. [...] " and promised that there would be "high drama" between Sonny, Carly, and Alcazar. The role meant that her family uprooted to the west coast. Wright herself commented, "This was not an easy decision."

Wright proved highly successful as Carly. It had been played by strong actresses in the past, but Wright brought her a special feistiness, vigor, and sex appeal to Carly. In 2009, she signed a contract with General Hospital for an additional four years which would take her to 2017.

In 2011, she won a Daytime Emmy Award as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Her tremendous popularity is testament to the warmth and humor she brings to the role.

Other Work

Though GH keeps her very busy, since her character is always on the front burner, Wright has worked outside the show.  She played a dance teacher on the TV series Hit the Floor in 2013, and in 2015, she appeared with Maurice Benard, Susan Lucci, and Donna Mills in the film Joy

The actors starred in a soap opera watched over the years by Joy's mother. Instead of showing clips from already-existing daytime drama, director David O. Russell shot original scenes.  

The feedback by Russell was highly complimentary to the actors. He referred to them as "professional athletes" at a roundtable discussion that included director Quentin Tarantino. I’d go, 'Donna Mills! Susan Lucci! Let’s have a catfight,'" the director says. "They don’t go, “Oh wait, what’s my motivation?” They just go, bang!

I was blown away by the power of these women actors.”  

Quentin Tarantino added, “That might be one of the most interesting things said at the table. The power of soap opera actors .That actually is a nugget, and I buy it 100 percent.”

Personal Life

Wright married John Wright in 1995. They have two children, Lauren and John Michael. The family lives in Santa Ynez, California. Her husband was originally a preservation architect who ran his company on the east coast; when the family moved to the west coast, he ran his company part-time.

He has now become a full time winemaker. Standing Sun Wines is made in Buellton, California. The company focuses on Rhone variety wines from Santa Ynez Valley vineyards. The actress is the "chief taster," and often brings the wine to her events for the fans to try.

In 2016, Wright announced that she and her husband were divorcing. In her statement, Wright says, "John and I have decided to end our 20-year marriage. We remain committed and dedicated to our two wonderful children and will always be a supportive, loving family of four -- we are just doing it differently now!" 

Wright is known for her excellent memory and the fact that she hates to fly. She often attends fan events showing off her thick, curly blond hair, which she wears straight on GH.

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