"Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit"

A One-Act Play by Jonathan Rand

Actors as Fairy Tale Characters. Matthew Peyton

Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit is a hilarious one-act play that is a parody of the long running television series Law and Order. This play follows the TV show’s format complete with three characters who actually play the Chuh-Chunk sound effect, the Location identifier (“Main Street”), and the Time identifier ("11:16 AM").

The first half of the play follows detectives H.D. and Cindy seeking out the “perp” who destroyed two houses and may be after a third.

The second half of the play finds district attorneys Stiltskin, Merm, and Queenan making a case to prosecute convicted felon B.B. Wolf. Characters from fairy tales, Mother Goose rhymes, and fables make appearances as witnesses, members of the jury, store owners, neighbors, officers and judges. Many characters are referred to by a nickname and sometimes have only vague references to their fairy tale origins. Half the fun for the audience is deciphering who is who!

Law and Order: Fair Tale Unit is written for high school actors, but could be successful in many other venues. Its large, gender unspecified cast may be expanded or condensed as needed. Playwright Jonathan Rand provides ideas on how to make your cast size work effectively with the script.

The production notes specify that minimal costumes are best: a hook (for the police captain), a crook (public defender Peep), or a paper plate (for the dish that ran away with the spoon).

Lighting, an important element in this play, must denote time and location changes, scene breaks and indicate a flash back montage. Set changes must happen quickly. Actors can carry on or clear many set pieces to accessorize a bare stage. The use of projections of the various locations of the scenes would serve to further blend the TV/stage play motif.

Jonathan Rand stresses that the characters should all be played with intense and almost deadpan humor. A dry delivery of the lines with total commitment from the actors will provide a better payoff for the jokes than an over the top, slapstick delivery. Actors and directors unfamiliar with the television series should watch a few episodes to understand the feel Jonathan Rand is going for in Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit.

Educational theatre directors, please note that every student actor will have his or her own role in a production of this play. Although the script relies heavily on the Detectives and Attorneys to drive the plot, every actor who is cast can have a name and identity. For example, instead of being listed as a chorus member, a non-lead student actor could be Bailiff Gruff, Court Reporter Sprat, or a Blind Mouse.

Setting: Far Far Away

Time: Present

Cast Size: This play can accommodate 60+ actors. There are 46 speaking roles.

Male Characters: 0 - 60

Female Characters: 0 - 60

Characters that may be male or female: 60+


Intense Voiceover




Detective H.D.

Detective Cindy






Ugl D

Officer Gold


Capt. Hook








B.B. Wolf

Executive A.D.A Stiltskin

A.D.A Merm

Pig 1

Pig 2

Pig 3


Blind Mouse 1

Blind Mouse 2

Blind Mouse 3

Robin Hood

Sleeping Beauty

Muffin Man

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater




Little Dog



Judge F. Godmother

Court Reporter Sprat

Three Bailiffs Gruff

Content Issues: Negligible

Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit is licensed by Playscripts, Inc. It also appears in the book Random Acts of Comedy: 15 Hit One Act Plays for Student Actors.