Law of Attraction: Plugging into the Positive

Affirmation Project Diary

Plugging into the Positive
Plugging into the Positive. image © Phylameana lila Desy

What is the Affirmative Project?
The Affirmative Project is my personal 31 day "intention" to give my 2007 New Year's Resolution a kick-start. Happy New Year!!!

What is my New Year's Resolution?
To live in a more affirmative light.

Say What?
Let me explain. Living more affirmative means that I will try to look at life in the most positive ways. Basically, I want to focus on being happy and making the best of all circumstance.

Negativity and criticism will be unwelcome.

Applying the "Law of Attraction"
I will employ the Law of Attraction to draw positives my way. The thing is, the Law of Attraction works regardless if I consciously apply it or not. The trick is to attract positives NOT NEGATIVES!

We attract all things according to our actions, thoughts, and attitudes. Like attracts like. If I am grumpy or feeling unsatisfied, I will attract people and situations into my life with similar attitudes. If I hate my job, then every chore becomes a burden. But, if I focus on the positives, life can be cake topped with lots of frosting. Sweet!

Affirmative Project: Day 1 - Plugging Into the Positive (January 1, 2007)
Have you heard of or seen the DVD called The Secret? I have watched it a couple of times. This DVD, filmed in Australia, impressed me enough that I purchased some extra copies of it to give as holidays gifts.

The Secret is not really a movie. It is more of an inspirational or motivational production, a collaboration of several spiritual teachers sharing their experiences in creating positive realities. My son-in-law, who was less than impressed with The Secret, actually referred to it as "one long infomercial." Hey!

So we disagree.

Anyway, several of the spiritual teachers featured in The Secret were guests on Larry King Live recently. I caught both shows in his two-part series Beyond Positive Thinking which aired in November 2006. Best-selling author and advocate of positive thinking, Bob Proctor, suggested on the show that for the Law of Attraction to really sink in and change your way of thinking would be to watch The Secret every day for 30 days. So, my DVD player is now set up so that I can watch The Secret each day during my Affirmative Project. I will be plugged into the positive!

Affirmative Project: Day 2 - May You Be Blessed (January 2, 2007)

Keeping in a positive vein, Jean Seymour, one of my forum moderators sent me this link May You Be Blessed and it is a keeper! Thanks Jean.

My mother recently shared with me a suggestion given in her minister’s sermon. She is a member of a Mennonite church. Everyone in the congregation was given an elastic wristband to wear. They were asked to wear it until the next week’s church meeting. They were instructed to remove the wristband from their wrist and place it on the other wrist anytime they criticized something, another person, or put themselves down in a negative way.

Throughout each day and until the following week they were to keep switching the band from one wrist to the other each time a critical voice or thought erupted from them. The idea was to demonstrate just how often criticism rears it ugly head. This might be an interesting experiment to try. Although, I wonder if the repeated action of removing the bracelet would involve focusing on criticism too much. You know, the Law of Attraction theory that we attract what we focus on. Maybe doing it just for a day or two to bring awareness of critical patterns would be okay. Then reverse it, switching the band every time you feel blessed or grateful. Even better!

My First Affirmative Project Challenge: Staying Positive When I’ve Been Robbed!

I received an email from a friend of mine reporting to me that she had discovered a copyright infringement of one of my articles.

Annoyingly, this happens fairly frequently. I never know quite how to feel about it. I mean, I guess it could be considered a backhanded compliment. Someone liked what I wrote enough to reprint it on their Website or blog. In this case it was a blogger who was my offender. Copying my content is not a compliment. It’s a form of stealing, ya know? Anyway, the email conversation between my friend and I went like this…

Friend: Another MySpacer is ripping you off.  (she also included the rip off link in her email so I could go see for myself)

Me: “How the heck am I suppose to stick with my new year’s resolution to “stay positive” when this stuff happens?”

Friend: “I think you can stay positive. Protecting your work and contacting people in the respectful way you do is positive. If you were being nasty or obsessing on it, that would be negative, but you’re not.”

Me: “Okay… that makes sense. It’s the ‘icky’ feeling I get every time I see someone helping themselves to my stuff that I want to rid myself of.”

Friend: “I understand that. Is it kind of a violated feeling? If so, can you turn it positive by doing what you can, then turning it over to the universe?”

After that short email exchange I just let it drop. I decided to deal with the problem later in the day and continued working on other things (more positive things!). Later on, I heard that nagging voice in my head telling me to address the copyright fraud issue. So, I clicked on the link to the offending blog so that I could send an email to the blogger to tell her I’m glad that she likes my article and also to inform her that what she did was not acceptable and to ask her to make a change. Reprinting my article in its entirety without obtaining reprint permission from goes against federal copyright law, About’s User Agreement, and in her case, Terms of Use Agreement. I don’t enjoy contacting people and asking them to either remove my article or to please clip it short and include a link back to the original article.

No matter how polite or friendly I try to be explaining the situation sometimes I am met with anger or attitude.

Anyway, when I clicked on the link the page came up saying that the MySpace account was private. Hmmm… I had seen it earlier in the day, why was I now being blocked? As it turned out, my friend decided to contact the blogger on my behalf to help free me from my “icky feelings.” How nice!

I guess my friend’s email upset the gal enough that she had quickly closed down her blog so that only her network of friends could read it. This was a temporary action though. Later on the blog was once again available for public viewing. As of now my article has been clipped with a note at the bottom that reads:

“The rest of this article is to be found at the above site on the internet…I have been informed about copyright laws…and wouldn’t want to get in trouble…although, most healers see healing as a gift to the world-detached…hmmm…”

Double Crap… now I get to be judged. Her attitude is an old song I’ve heard before. Healing is a gift so there should be no fee and with her additional lyrics, my writings about healing should be free for anyone to copy too. I don’t think so! Actually, anyone is free to read my articles from the Internet, just please read them on my site so that I can be compensated by multiple page views. I wish to live an abundant life and be rewarded for my efforts. Thank you very much.

Affirmative Project: Day 3 - Attracting Positives and Negatives (January 3, 2007)

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is not new to me. I’ve shared its theory over the years with friends and clients. Today, I discovered that Magic Unlimited with Ellis & Webster Blog gave me some recognition for having published my article Understanding the Cosmic Law of Attraction on the Web back in the nineties. The article has gotten a decent audience over these past years. I’ve thought about updating that article but never got around to it. I guess it is good enough as originally written.

A couple of other manifesting articles I have published that are favorite among my readership are my New Moon Ritual and How to Manifest A Mate. A more recent contribution I made on the theme of creating abundance is my Manifesting Scrapbook.

I was talking to my baby sister on the phone a couple of nights ago. After watching The Secret for the first time she delve in and began making a list of things she wants to attract. Almost immediately she had some luck in attracting some work her way that will bring her some extra cash each month. Cool. But 3 days into working with the LOA she has decided that attracting positives is hard. And, she’s also not quite buying into the idea that we create everything in our own realities. She’s currently dealing with a couple of negatives that she simply cannot imagine that she would have possibly attracted on her own. In her words “Nobody would want that.” I couldn’t help but laugh… My bad, I know. But I remind her that everyone has gotten caught up in dramas and wonder how they landed in the middle of such a mess. The LOA takes practice, practice, practice, to get good at attracting the good stuff.

I have attracted both positives and negatives in my life. I admittedly take the credit for attracting both. I’ll share an example of each from my own experiences.

Positive Attraction Experience: Manifesting My Husband
We will be celebrating our twentieth year anniversary in September. Three years before I met (urr… actually manifested him) I was fantasizing about what a perfect mate for me would be like. Notebook and pen in hand I scribbled out all the traits that I would want in a partner. The list looked sort of like this:

  • Doesn’t already have children of his own
  • Doesn’t want to have children of his own in the future
  • Likes children
  • Romantic
  • Sense of Humor
  • Believes I’m beautiful
  • Adores me
  • Will support me regardless if I choose a career or decide not to work at all.
  • Generous of heart

Well, you get the idea. The list went on for a couple of pages, for privacy sake I won’t go into all the nitty gritty details.

I was a single mom with two divorces behind me. The reason I wanted a life partner who didn’t want to have children of his own, but also liked kids, was because I already had three children and couldn’t physically have any more. I did not want my future mate to already have children because I honestly felt I would not make a good stepmother. I also desperately wanted a lover who thought I was pretty. My first husband told me I was just okay in the looks department after we had been married a year and that really hurt me. A husband is suppose to think his wife is pretty, right??

It took some time, but the universe delivered my husband to me just the way I ordered him three years before I met him.

Negative Attraction Experience: Financial Setback

I told a group of friends OUT LOUD that I didn’t want to win the lottery, further stating “Money isn’t important to me.” Within the week I was facing a financial setback that took my sails out. I had to quickly re-evaluate my thoughts about money and financial security. That was a scary time for me… and a lesson well learned that we DO create our own realities by our thoughts, words, and actions.

Affirmative Project: Day 4 - Worry is a Waste of Time and Energy​ (January 4, 2007)

My youngest son (our family's middle child) is recuperating from recent surgery resulting from a work-related shoulder injury. He is thirty years old and lives hundreds of miles away. I was talking to him on the telephone this afternoon inquiring how he is feeling and how his physical therapy is coming along. As you can imagine I have a mother’s natural concern for my child’s well being. Before ending the conversation he told me not too worry, assuring me that he was doing okay. I told him I wasn’t worried. Then, he said “Well I know you do, because you always worry.” I told him that I don’t really worry, at least not the way his granny (my mother) worries about everything. He agreed, but insisted that I worry too, saying “That’s what our family does.” Not today I told him… I’m remaining positive!

After the conversation ended I didn’t give “worry” any more thought until just now when I sat down at my computer to post. My thoughts took a backward glance, reviewing my day’s activities checking to see if anything would be applicable to my Affirmative Project for posting.

Worry seems like a good topic to discuss. Worry has no real value, it truly is a waste of time and energy. Someone told me once that worry was “displaced creativity.” It’s much more productive channeling energy into creative endeavors than being worrisome.

If I apply the Law of Attraction, being in a state of worry really means that I’m in a place of fear, and being in fear feeds it, expanding it. I’m going to do my very best not to worry, stew about problems, or fear a negative outcome. There really is no purpose for worry, I wonder why we do it? Could my son be right, does worry run in families? If so, it is time to break the pattern. I’m often telling people to trust the universe more and not to fret about circumstances. Maybe I should listen more to my own advice. But, really, I’m not worried!!

Affirmative Project: Day 5 - Abundant Spare Cash Stashes (January 5, 2007)

Abundance. What a great word! “I am abundant, I have everything I need and desire.”

Here are a couple of personal stories that demonstrate how I feel about money and riches.

My Spare Cash Stashes

I have a habit of leaving money laying around the house. Not a lot of money, but it drives my husband, Joe, crazy. He is one of those people who walks around town with his eyes glued to the ground in hopes of finding spare change. He loves check-out lanes at the supermarket, pocketing lost dimes and quarters that have fallen to the floor.

Anyway, I’ve been known to come home from a shopping trip and toss a few crumpled dollars and loose change on top of my bookcase, or shove money inside a bowl atop the kitchen counter. My money will sit out in the open for days and weeks at a time. Joe can barely stand it. His spare cash is always tucked away inside his wallet or safely hidden away (probably in his sock drawer).

In the early years of our marriage he would occasionally gather up all the loose money scattered around the house and put it inside my jewelry box for safe keeping. Annoyed that he was disturbing my dollar and coin stashes I asked him not to do this. “Don’t touch my money” I would snap at him. Eventually, he stopped moving my cash around.

A couple of years ago he finally asked me why I left money laying around like I do. Having the money out in the open makes me feel abundant. I told him I was sending a message to the universe that I was grateful for my riches and to please reward me by sending me more. For me, putting my spare cash safely away would mean that I didn’t trust that money flowed freely. I think money will multiply if your let it breathe out in the open air.

FYI – We do have bank accounts, we don’t keep cash under the mattresses in our house. The most money laying around our home at any one time is probably less than fifty dollars. I don’t hoard cash inside my boots or anything nuts like that.

Anyway, we’ve been married almost twenty years now and a few months ago for the first time I noticed a couple of twenties sitting on the table in our foyer that weren’t mine. When I asked Joe about it he answered “I’m sending a message to the universe, asking it to multiply my riches.” Wow, it only took nineteen years for him to TRY it my way. But, the next day the money was gone, tucked away in some safe spot.

Pinching Pennies Without Complaint

I used to work as an insurance billing clerk. It’s how I paid my bills! One of my co-workers in the office was often complaining about how broke she was. At the time, I was living paycheck to paycheck myself, but I was getting by okay. I didn’t have any real complaints. Although, my one complaint was having to listen to her complain so much. I decided that I just had to turn things around somehow or I’d get sucked into her negativity.

Employees were paid bi-weekly. On payday this woman’s habit was to rip into her pay envelope, look at her check and make comments like ‘Ughhh… this amount is pitiful” or “This money will be gone before I can get this check to the bank” or “This check will barely cover my expenses.” These complaints came from someone who had a bigger wardrobe than I had, managed to pay out for ballet lessons for her daughter and tennis lessons for her son. She also owned other things I thought of as luxuries.

Anyway, I started deflecting her negative “lack-of” comments with my own “I-am-abundant” remarks. I’d say things like, “Wow, it’s great to get paid so well for a doing a job I love!” One payday I made a big production of plunking my purse on top of my desk and opening it up to tuck away my paycheck. As I pulled out my wallet I peered inside it… I sighed deeply and I lied “Oh my, I guess I forgot to cash my last check from two weeks ago, it is still in here.” If you could have seen the look on her face, you would have bust a gut!

Because of her complaining all the time I learned I did not want to be like her, choosing to be grateful instead. I had to pinch pennies during leaner times, but I’ve always been rich.

Affirmative Project: Day 6 - Attracting a Grand Life! (January 6, 2007)

I tripped over my feet and almost fell down the stairs to our basement today. After securing my balance, I had a flash vision of what might have been —my lifeless broken body sprawled out on the cold cement floor—. Hmmm, that was an interesting visual. Tripping has always been an indication that I’ve become distracted. Clucking at my clumsiness due to mental obsessing, I remind myself the importance of grounding my body. I stopped in my tracks, took a deep breath and quickly erased the morbid mental image replacing it with a silent statement of gratitude. A few seconds later, I was in the laundry room shoving soiled garments into the washer and feeling amazingly grateful for mundane chores.

What was I obsessing about?

Well, lots of stuff. But primarily what had been occupying my mind for much of my morning was my Affirmative Project. I was thinking that I need to come up with a really cool material object to “attract.”

That’s where I’m getting blocked. In order to attract things you have to first know of something you want. And I cannot for the life of me come up with a specific object I’m wanting. I am feeling generally content and comfortable with my life. So, until I can come up with a specific item to ask the universe to provide for me I’ll just put my materialistic requests on hold for a while. I’ll dust off that genie lamp another day.

In the meanwhile, I’ve decided that my desire at this time is for my life to become grand. My life is already pretty good, but a grand life would be even better. I don’t want to settle for a good life. Here goes:

I desire a Grand Life, one filled with more love and laughter. I want to become more supportive and available to loved ones. Sometimes I feel at a loss as how to best help friends and family when they share their problems with me. I truly want to be able to offer them help. I know I cannot solve their problems, nor do I want to shoulder their burdens, but I can be a better listener and serve as a supportive sounding board.

My Grand Life = Increased Wealth, Unbelievably Good Health, and Loving Supportive Relationships

Bonus Material: Philosopher, Dr. John DeMartini (featured in The Secret), gave me permission to publish his article “Working with The Secret in Relationships John outlines three laws (Law of Conservation, Law of Polarity, and Law of Equilibrium) to work with to steer your relationships out of dysfunction and back to love.

Affirmative Project: Day 7 - Gimme Gesture (January 7, 2007)

Intention and Visualization are excellent mental tools for manifesting. Along with these affirmation aids, I have begun using the Kubera mudra pose to enhance my mental focus. This mudra can be used for creating wealth and reaching goals. I’m calling it my “Gimme Gesture”

Gimme Your Stuff – Swap Exchange Blog
This might be an interesting blog to explore. You can post two lists 1) Things you are willing to part with in exchange for 2) Things that you want.

Affirmative Project: Day 8 - The Importance of Feeling Good (January 8, 2007)

If you have watched The Secret you probably remember the sequence in the movie when it was demonstrated how bad things can spiral. A woman wakes up in the morning, gets out of bed and throughout the day one thing wrong happens after another. We’ve all experienced a day when nothing seems to go right. You wonder why you even bothered to get out of bed.

According to the Law of Attraction, if we allow a bad mood to persist it will attract more of the same, and that’s how a bad start of a day progresses into one crazy bad day.

Today could have been one of those days for me, if I had allowed it. Early in the day I was confronted with some criticism. Let me tell you right now, I don’t take criticism very well. I don’t even understand why people feel the need to criticize another person. It put me in a sour mood… for about five minutes. I was bummed, but I eventually let it go. I immediately got on the phone to tell a supportive friend of mine what was said. I knew she would be in my corner. I was able to vent for a couple of minutes, then I felt better… and let it go. I am Grateful for my friends! The rest of my day went pretty well.

By the time my husband came home in the evening I had almost forgotten about it. But when I did tell him he voiced anger about it. His reaction was really funny and nice, it boosted my self esteem. I was surprised that he seemed to be more upset about it than I had been initially. And although I had already LET IT GO, it felt good to have a husband, My Knight in Shining Armour, be willing to speak out in my defense. Even if it was temporary — he let his anger go too!

Affirmative Project: Day 9 - Like Attracts Like (January 9, 2007)

Friends of a Feather

A basic rule of The Law of Attraction is “Like Attracts Like.”

Probably the coolest part of being in a postive state of mind and emotion is that you end up hanging out with other positive minded folks. Yesterday I blogged about someone who had criticized me and how I was able to shrug it off and to keep a positive outlook. Staying in an affirmative light has really paid off. I’ve received many compliments in the past few days from many different directions: family, friends, and readers too! Thanks for cheering me on with positive statements everyone!

Friends of a Feather Flock Together!!

Affirmative Project: Day 10 - Ask, Believe, Receive (January 10, 2007)

These are the three steps to achieving your intentions.

Ask – You must know what you want. I mean, really know what you want. The universe can’t deliver without first knowing what it is that you want to have manifested into your life.

Believe – You need to truly believe that what you are asking for will become yours. Doubts need to be pushed away. The idea that failure is a possibility will mess up the delivery.

Receive – It is important that you become an active player in reaching your goals. When opportunity comes your way you must not hesitate. Grab the brass ring when it appears.

These three steps seem simple enough. The step that I personally have had the most difficult with applying is asking

Affirmative Project: Day 11 - Authentic Gratitude (January 11, 2007)

Budget minded by nature, I have always been careful with my money. Admittedly, I’ve never had a lot of money to throw around which has forced me to be careful. I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve never been totally broke, unless having less than ten dollars (all in pennies) to my name counts as being broke. I had a jar of silver dollars stolen from me once, but I still have that cherished jar of pennies!!

I swore to myself that as long as I never spent that jar of pennies that I’d never again be as poor as I felt at that time of my life. Not being poor means you’re rich, right?

I’m rich, I’m rich!!

Yesterday my husband and I had a new furnace installed. Supposedly, this is an investment that will pay for itself within the next two to three years because of its energy efficiency. Great! The last couple of years we’ve had rather steep heating bills. We’ve also had some other major improvements made to our home in the past few years. A remodeled kitchen, new roof, a sewer line, tree plantings, replacement windows, etc. Our home (photo featured at About Architecture) was built in 1912. I don’t think of it as a money pit, but it definitely requires special care. Home maintenance can certainly eat up your resources. Any homeowner will tell you that if it isn’t one thing, it’s another. But as I drive around our town and see homes in need of new siding, a new coat of paint, or worse, I can’t help but feel grateful.

I am thankful for my comfortable home. I am grateful I can afford living in it and continue having the means to maintain it reasonably well.

Remember, be grateful for the things that you do have (no matter how small), and your authenic gratitude will attract more wonderous things.

Affirmative Project: Day 12 - Manifestation Shifts (January 12, 2007)

I felt the earth move. No, it wasn’t an earthquake. But I definitely feel as if some shifts are happening. Yes! Manifestation shifting. Even my husband is starting to feel the magnetic pulls. I’ve been putting some STUFF out there to attract, and I feel good about some indications that my stuff is making its way to me. I can’t be more excited! Well, I could be more excited if some stuff had materialized today. But, I guess it’s too soon, I’ll be patient. The seedlings are planted.

We have a cork bulletin board hanging on the wall in my healing room. I cleared it of family photos and told my husband that this is now our Vision Board. We are sharing it. Much like the manifesting scrapbook, this Vision Board serves the same purpose. I only have a couple of things tacked on the board, but Joe has been adding catalog clippings to it almost daily. His dreams are so much bigger than mine. I tend to have minimal desires, and also lean toward practicality. I really need to get over my simple needs mentality… and start thinking about pampering myself more!

Affirmative Project: Day 13 & 14 - Have You Lost The Bounce In Your Step?​ (January 14, 2007)

Ol’ man winter spit out some icy snow on the roadways.

Pretty slick outside. The weather made for a perfect weekend to bum around the house.

Yesterday was pretty much a blur. It zoomed by fast, yet my body was moving about in slow mo… I’m not even sure that I bothered to get out of my pajamas until mid afternoon. I didn’t do anything I had planned to do. And yet, I don’t feel as if I was meant to follow through on a couple of my planned projects anyway. One of them was to post Day 13, but as you can see from the title of this post, it didn’t happen. But, all and all, I do believe Day 13 was an affirmative day! Nothing fantastic happened. I’m okay with that. No dramas, no traumas… all was good.

Day 14…..

Today was pretty much more of the same. I really do appreciate a day or two to relax and not feel as if I’m pressed against a wall trying to meet a deadline.

I have a nasty habit of dragging my feet at times. Not literally… of course. Well maybe sometimes I have lost that joyful bounce I once had in my step.

Have You Lost The Bounce In Your Step?

Naturally, I’ve not been bouncing around much lately. I mean, I almost fell down the basement stairs this week, and with the icy sidewalks I’d be silly to carelessly jump about outdoors.

When I was fifteen I fell onto the ice when I was on a date with a guy I was hoping would become my steady boyfriend (no such luck!). The poor guy was attempting to open his car door for me at the time. I stepped aside to give him some room and ended up stepping on a slick spot. My body slid halfway under his car. Gentleman that he was, he helped me back to my feet. We both laughed but I was totally embarrassed. I had on my Charlie Brown shoes at the time. I wore them because Bob wasn’t very tall and I didn’t want to tower over him in my boots.

Sorry, that memory just popped into my head… back to the subject of me wanting to have the bounce in my step back. I want to feel the same excitement a young child has. Every day is an adventure. Little feet are jumping and skipping along, the whole body prancing about in a joyful springy dance, anticipating fun, fun, and more fun ahead. There is no dread… no gloom, only the expectation that each new day is worth exploring! I want that!

Boing! Boing!

Affirmative Project: Day 15 - Budgeting and Blessings (January 15, 2007)

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Affirmative words echo from Dr. King’s mouth “I have a dream…”

Having a dream is the first step in creating a better tomorrow… without the dream, without vision, everything remains the same.


Bills! Bills! Bills! We all have them. Budgeting and paying bills use to put me in a bad mood. Watching my money flowing out of our bank account was frustrating. But then several years ago I began thanking the universe everytime I wrote out a check. I showed my gratitude for having the means to pay my bills. I would silently bless the money as I dropped my payment envelopes from my hands into the mailbox asking that it return to me.

My empty hands were then open and available for receiving!!

Tomorrow I will be writing out the check to pay for our newly installed furnace. I will bless the check and be thankful for my warm shelter.

Just like clearing your closet of old garments makes room for new clothing, releasing money by making your payments allows the “ebb and flow” of funds. Hoarding cash or fearing that we don’t have enough dams up the natural flow. Be grateful when you have the money to pay for your expenses.

Pay Abundance to the order of……

Today I wrote out a check to myself for a significant amount of $$$$, endorsing it with the words “Law of Attraction” – blessed it and tacked it up on our vision board.

Affirmative Project: Day 16 - Bonus Tipping and Charitable Giving​ (January 1, 2007)

I’m a big fan of unbirthday gifting and bonus tipping. The unexpected gesture is generally appreciated. For example: Today I treated the crew that installed our furnace to a free lunch. It was a small gesture, but, hey, who doesn’t like a free lunch? I didn’t actually cook a meal, or invite them out to lunch at a restaurant. But when I made payment for the work, I simply slipped some additional cash inside a handwritten thank you note that said, “Treat yourself and your crew to a nice lunch.”

Doing something nice that is not necessarily expected makes me feel good. And hopefully, that joyful feeling gets passed along. It always makes me feel good whenever I get an unexpected gratuity from clients.

I actually have a Love Bank that gets regular deposits as part of my financial budget. Similar to tithing, I set aside a percentage of my earnings to be used for good deeds. Unlike tithing, none of mylove cash goes to a church or religious organization. My love bank gets dipped into whenever I get the urge to offer financial help or give a special gift to someone. I never dispenselove cash to anyone as a result of feeling “obligation” or “guilt.” I don’t want any negative feelings attached to the transaction. Whatever flows out my love savings into the hands of another is done only through grace, love, or kindness.

I believe that charitable giving is a way of showing gratitude for the wealth that we have. It shows confidence that we have enough means to share.

Affirmative Project: Day 17 - Happy Hump Day (January 17, 2007)

For the Monday through Friday workerbees Wednesday is dubbed “Hump Day.” Wednesday represents the middle of the work week. For children it is the middle of the school week. Half way to the weekend. The weekend is the goal! A popular restaurant is even named for the weekend worshippers: TGIF (Thank Go… It’s Friday)

Phooey! Wishing clock ticks is stupid. I don’t see the point of wishing away five days of our lives every week. Every day of the week can be joyous. Punching a time clock can be tedious… I know, I know, I know. I’ve been there. But since fast-forwarding my life is not an option I try really hard to find the joy in every moment.

Affirmative Project: Day 18 - Organize and Prioritize  (January 1, 2007)

I’m starting to feel energetically crowded by half-baked projects. I have my fingers in too many things. This is nothing new. The problem is that it can be really difficult to focus on completing anything when my mind is a flutter with so many other things up in the air.

Organize needs to become my new best friend. I’m almost afraid to sit down and write out all the varied projects… What if I run out of paper… or INK. Okay, it’s not that bad. But, it’s bad enough. I bought a new weekly planner the first week of January. It’s been laying dormant on my desk for ten days. Today, I roll up my sleeves and get cracking! If nothing else, the action of getting everything written down in an orderly fashion will help free my mind of scattered chatter.

My second best friend —- Prioritize

Affirmative Project: Day 19-22  - Bear Medicine (January 22, 2007)

As you can see from the subject title of this blog post I have lagged writing my daily affirmative posts. And, I’ve been feeling somewhat guilty about it. But today, I’ve let go of the guilt. The thing is, I was being visited by BEAR.

Bear Medicine is a frequent visitor, especially during its hibernation season. I tend to withdraw from others and become reclusive.

Which is a good thing because I can be growly when Bear visits me. My body also requires more sleep during this period. I took a three hour nap yesterday afternoon. This morning after I woke up and began moving about the bedroom I realized that I was humming. Humming is good! I took humming as a sign that I’m coming out of my hibernation. My body and spirit feel rested. Although, I think it was kind of ironic that grouchy Bear decided to wake up humming on Blue Monday.

Anyway, aside from a day of cleaning and organizing last week, I haven’t been very ambitious. That’s not to say that I’ve been negative. A lazy person can be postitive. I was content to laze about, except for the guilt chatter in my head telling me that I should be blogging my daily posts…. but I repeat… I’ve let that go.

I’ve been loyal to my commitment to watch The Secret every day for 31 days. But, I must confess that I have fallen asleep halfway through it a few times.

That darn Bear insists on having his Zzzzzz’s.

Affirmative Project: Day 23 - The Secret Spiritual Teachers on Oprah (January 23, 2007)

I had the privilege this afternoon to read several blog posts across the Internet that were submitted by bloggers for Ed Mill’s Law of Attraction Carnival. This was part of my obligation when agreeing to host the Law of Attraction Carnival’s 11th Edition: The Power of Intention – Attraction via Intention.

It will take you a couple of hours to click through and review the bonanza of posts, but definitely worthwhile. Enjoy!!

“The Secret” to be featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Oprah has invited Rhonda Byrne, the producer of The Secret, to be on the show, along with four of The Secret’s spiritual teachers: Dr. Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols and James Ray.

Affirmative Project: Day 24 - Swapping and Donation Books (January 24, 2007)

I was browsing (okay, digging) through my book shelves today looking for one of my treasured books, . It is a skinny book and I couldn’t find it at first. I began wondering if I had loaned it out to someone who had failed to return it. I’ve lost some of my books this way. On a few occasions I’ve acquired a second copy, but one of my loaner books is out of print — now lost forever. I hope it is the hands of someone who appreciates its value. And I don’t mean monetarily.

I no longer loan out my books. I will pass on a book to someone if I am ready to release it. By “releasing it” I mean that I no longer have an emotional need or attachment to having it. I love my books!

My growing collection of books is crowding me. In the past year or two I’ve been thinking that I need to start “releasing” some of them.

I’ve looked at some book swap sites like Bookins and on the Internet that look interesting. But, again, I’m probably not looking to exchange books, but to give them away. The avenue I’m probably going to take is donating books to prison libraries.

What do you do with your used books?

As I look over my treasure trove of books that I have accumulated over the past twenty years or so I realize that I did “attract” them.

My Book Mantras

“The types of books I’m interested in reading come to me easily.”

“I release the books that I no longer have a need for into the hands of someone who will benefit from them."

Affirmative Project: Day 25 - LOA and Feng Shui (January 25, 2007)

The Feng Shui Ba Gua is a map detailing the life areas or directions (North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest) within any living space.

The Southeast corner of the Ba Gua map represents the abundance/wealth life area. Focusing on the abundance/wealth areas and with a print-out of the Ba Gua in hand I took a tour of each of the primary rooms of my home to determine if any of the areas need some work. I figure this is an affirmative task to undertake. If I were to find any stagnant chi in these areas I know to clear them or put some Feng Shui Cures into place. And at the same time I would be creating an atmospheric intention for abundance energies to flow into my home and life.

My kitchen is located in the Southeast corner of the Ba Gua. According to Rodika Tchi, Feng Shui Expert at, kitchens are the heart of the home, also kitchens symbolize wealth and abundance no matter where they are located. Wow! I’m feeling doubly abundant!

Aside from the kitchen being my designated “wealth room” the southeast corners of each room with my home are considered wealth areas. These are the areas that I’m looking to improve upon.

Inventory of Southeast Wealth/Abundance Corners

  • Kitchen – Well stocked pantry, bowl of fresh fruit, oven (needs cleaning).
  • Living Room – Reading recliner with light
  • Solarium – All windows, sunlight, wind chime hanging from ceiling
  • Dining Room – Book cases and curio cabinet
  • Bedroom – King size bed, several pillows.
  • Healing Room – Window, meditation chaise, ceramic top table with candle on top of it.
  • Husband’s Den – Book cases, apothecary jars filled with seashells, collectibles.
  • My Computer Office – Closet (filled with clutter… oh no!)

Obviously, I need to clean my oven. And the next thing I need to tackle is the clutter closet…. ughhh! Otherwise, I think I’m doing okay. You can see the results of my first attempt to Feng Shui my office last Spring here.

Affirmative Project: Day 26 - Positive Equations (January 26, 2007)

I’m winding down on my 31 day project of blogging about focusing on the positives and living the Law of Attraction.

I feel so mellow. I’m in the gestation period of manifesting somethings and surprisingly I don’t feel anxious about it.

It almost feels like boredom, but I’m not really bored. A better way of describing how I am actually feeling is “contentment.”

You might be wondering how a person can confuse boredom with contentment? The thing is, in the past I have had the pattern of adding drama to the negatives in my life. I would ridicuously be adding kindling to an already blazing fire with my dramas. Woe-is-me fires would become completely out of control with flames sparking off in all different directions. Oh-My!

On the non-dramatic flip side, I tend to down-play the positives whenever my life is going smooth and positive for me. I would feel confused when things were not in upheaval. If there were no battles to fight, no obstacles to dodge, no chaos choking me, or any problems to tackle, I would feel lost. Without traumas I could not play out my dramas. Dramas felt strangely exciting to me. Joy felt foreign to me. I would confuse contentment with boredom. I knew how to react to trauma, but I didn’t have a clue how to take action when I was presented with postives.

Time to change old patterns and start making some new equations in my life.

Here are a few equations I’m working toward:

  • Joy = Excitement
  • Contentment = Happiness
  • Trauma = Temporary
  • New Day = Opportunity

Affirmative Project: Day 27 - LOA You Tube Videos (January 27, 2007)

I spent about four hours today on YouTube viewing various videos from folks who are investigating and embracing the “Law of Attraction.” Aside from various video clips from The Secret DVD…. there are plenty of personal videos popping up. People are getting pysched about applying the LOA and making their dreams come true.

The most inspiring discovery I made were videos connected to The 100 Day Reality Challenge at

Other favorites:

Episode 16: Law of Attraction
I really enjoyed listening to the vision of the seven story healing center to be built in Canada. Each floor is planned out to align with the seven major chakras.

Bob Proctor and John Assar on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Part 1
Part 2

Law of Attraction: Michael Losier
Canadian National best selling author of “Law of Attraction”

EFT For Creating Abundance
15 minutes, this is the longest running video clip I watched.

Affirmative Project: Day 28 - LOA Principles: Easy? or Hard? (January 28, 2007)

We are taught not to give up in our dream pursuits. We are told to surrender the “How” we will attract the things we desire, what is not okay is to “Doubt.”

Tammy (a fictitious name to protect a LOA-challenged friend of mine) is experiencing a difficult chapter in her life right now. She is having a difficult time letting go of the control she feels she must have over stuff. What stuff? Pretty much everything. She finds it troubling to think that our thoughts and feelings really do create our reality. Tammy feels that it has to be easier for me to grasp how the Law of Attraction works because I am in a better place with my life right now. Which is true, well mostly true. I’ll get back to that thought later….

Tammy says she is struggling with the LOA principals because of the not-so-fun-rut she’s currently caught up in. I tried to erase her fears by telling her that what she is experiencing today is the result of her feelings and thoughts from the past, And that she needs to focus on the positives ASAP. She wanted to know how long it would take for the change to take place. I answered “I dunno, maybe 3 months.” Then she says something funny (funny to me, but not funny to her). Tammy said “Therefore, if I change my ways and start having happy thoughts and good feelings today I’m pretty much screwed for the next 3 upcoming months due to my bad feelings from the past 3 months.” Clearly, she is not ready to let go and trust yet.

Okay, back to me. Tammy is right. I do feel that my life is in a “good place” right now. It’s not perfect, but I’m not complaining. And, because I’m not complaining and feel pretty satisfied I think I may be in-a-rut of my own. For many years now I have trusted that all my needs would be met… no question, no fear. What I am beginning to recognize is that by focusing on “All My Needs Are Met” or “I Am Comfortable” that I could very well be limiting the flow of abundance and luxuries into my life.

We are teaming up, Tammy and me. She is working on “letting go” and “trusting.”
I am working on changing my focus from acknowledging that my needs are always met to believeing that “I Have More Than I Need” and “I Am Beyond Comfortable, I Am Pampered.” Meanwhile… I’m grateful for my life, the comfortable one I have today, and even more grateful for the increased wealth, happiness, AND pampering that is making its way to me now.

Affirmative Project: Day 29 - Energy and Energy Shifts (January 29, 2007)

Energy is always in flux. Because I am energy, I am always in motion. So, why is it that we feel “stuck” sometimes when we are energy beings? I’ll answer my own question. Repetition! More of the same!

In order to feel the movement, we need to mix up our routines a bit. Try doing things differently. Take the scenic route, through the city park, on your way home from work. Shop at a different market. If you’re a bath person, take a shower. If you’re a shower person, take a bath. Try a different hair style. You get the idea.

Clearing Clutter is a way of moving energy into a different direction. Another way to redirect energy is rearranging furniture. My mother frequently rearranged the furniture in our living room and I picked up this habit from her. Joe, my husband, doesn’t like change and feels uncomfortable with abrupt energy shifts. We’ve battled over “moving chairs” and such.

Years ago I bought a cherry plant stand at an antique shop when I was shopping with my daughter. I moved a plant off the top of our television console in our solarium and placed it on the plant stand in the living room. He was disturbed that I had upset the balance. Whereas, I felt good about the change immediately.

If Joe had been with me at the antique shop and we had purchased the plant stand together he would have had time to adjust to the change. On the way home from the shop we would have discussed where in our home the plant stand would be placed, and which plant would be moved. Knowing his personality, he likely would have still felt “unbalanced” at first, but the change would not have been thrown at him without warning. The way it happened, he came home and felt thrust into an unsettling energy shift. Gee, and I thought I was sensitive! Since then, I’ve tried to be more sensitive to his “need” to have things remain the same… but sometimes I have a strong urge to release stagnant energies to revitalize my surroundings by moving things around.

Two areas of our home that I do rearrange furnishings on a regular basis, without Joe’s input, are my computer office and my healing room. I ordered a new couch a couple of weeks ago for my healing room. In preparing for its delivery I moved my library work table from under a window over against an different wall. I took my wicker rocker to the basement. The couch has now been delivered and I’m still fussing with the furniture arrangement. I think I’ve got things where I want them – for now anyway. But, the best part of bringing in a new piece of furniture was the freeing feeling this energy shift gave me. Oh, and the new couch is nice too.

Joe came into my healing room to try out my couch. He looked over the furniture arrangement and suggested I order a new lamp to place on either side of the couch for reading. I think that is a great idea! It will help illuminate the room — and definitely fits into my theme of “living in a more affirmative light.” Where do you buy “affirmative lamps” anyway? Ha! I’m not replacing my purple lava lamp though!

Affirmative Project: Day 30 - Ask and It is Given (January 30, 2007)

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

Authors: Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)

Here is a quote from Abraham that got my attention:

It is our desire that you become one who is happy with that which you are and with that which you have—while at the same time being eager for more. That is the optimal creative vantage point. To stand on the brink of what is coming, feeling eager, optimist anticipation—with no feeling of impatience, doubt, or unworthiness hindering the receiving of it—that is the Science of Deliberate Creation at its best.

Part II of Ask and It Is Given outlines 22 proven processes (also called games) that are intended to help you achieve your intentions. You choose which process is the most appropriate to practice depending on whatever your current emotional state is (joy, eagerness, boredom, overwhelm, guilt, worry, etc.).

These are wonderful tools meant to help you step out of feeling powerless and into a state of powerfulness.

Affirmative Project: Day 31 - Affirmative Project Daily Round-Up (January 31, 2007)

Today ends my January 2007 Affirmative Project. And although the project lasted only 31 days I pledge (to myself) that I will continue to apply the LOA principles throughout this calendar year (and beyond). I’ll likely post how I’m progressing with my personal attraction intentions periodically, so please stay tuned for updates.

I stayed pretty loyal to watching The Secret DVD every day. I’m going to pop some popcorn in the microwave and curl on the couch to enjoy the show one more time this evening. Afterwards, I’m going to put it away for at least a month before I watch it again. The times I’ve been watching it has eaten into my routine reading and relaxing time, so I’m ready to get back to that. Regardless, this experiment has been worthwhile. I feel fairly saturated with goodness.

For most of the days focusing on the positives felt GOOD… and feeling good is an important component in the Law of Attraction. I’m feeling optimistic, grateful, and content! I’ve experienced some positives and in general feel that Life is Good! But, I’m not satisfied yet. I’m focusing on attracting an even Better Life.

What is the Affirmative Project?
Daily journal postings beginning January 1 focusing on my New Year's resolution "I resolve to live in a more affirmative light in the coming year."