How to Break the Habit of Attracting Negatives

Banishing N'TS From Your Vocabulary

Change Glooming Skies to Blue
Change Glooming Skies to Blue. John Lund / Getty Images

There is a trick to the Law of Attraction. This trick is not really as magical as one might imagine. We attract the things that we focus on. When we focus on not having enough that thought form supports the "lack of" we routinely experience.

We are forever reminded to use affirmations and to keep our thoughts positive but Feeling Sorry for Myself continues to be the mantra of many people.

Sick of the N 'ts in Your Life?

We are bombarded with repetitive negative phrases in our thinking such as:

  • Why can't I get ahead?
  • I couldn't dodge the bullet.
  • I won't be the winner.
  • I don't have enough.

Are you guilty of continuously repeating negatives either in thoughts or words? Is your negative mindset pretty much representative of your current life situation? If your answer is YES, then Congratulations! You are living proof that the law of attraction works. You are a champion at attracting negatives.

Breaking the Habit of Attracting Negatives

Why do we focus on our illnesses, our low-paying jobs, and our less than fulfilling relationships? We do so out of habit. Breaking the "attracting negatives" habit, just like any other bad habit will take some effort on your part. Especially so, if you have been dwelling on the negatives for years. Your parents might have taught you this behavior by being the role model of "criticism" or "negative language." If this is so, then they are likely mirroring behavior they learned from their parents, and so on back through the generations.

Isn't it time to break this negative cycle?.... urr rather, in postitive terms — it is time to break the cycle.

I too struggle with "negatives" in my life. I sometimes think Worry Wart has taken up permanent lodging in my guest room. I should say "unwelcome" guest room. Unwelcome guests in your life may be Unlucky Lucy, Loser Larry or Barb Bites.

I'm certain you can name others. But let's not! Let's turn our negatives into positives and begin attracting welcome guests such as Lucky Lonnie, Smart Sam, and Happy Harriet. A simple way that you can put materializing positives into motion is to busy your hands with creating positive images for your eyes/mind to focus on.

Attracting Positives

Several years ago I created my first manifesting scrapbook. I filled the pages with affirmations and clippings of pictures that depicted the things that I wished to have materialize into my life. I spent about a week creating the various pages in the book. Then I put the book away on my bookshelf and basically forgot about it. About six months later my daughter gave me a butterfly wind chime on my birthday. Another friend of mine stopped by with an angel candle holder. Neither my friend nor my daughter knew about my manifestation book. I had never told my daughter that I wanted a new wind chime for our back porch, let alone that I had pasted a similar butterfly wind chime in my wish book. But, sure enough, both items (wind chime and angel) were pasted in the scrapbook. The items were not exactly the same but pretty darn close. Amazing. That's when I started pasting more and more stuff that I wanted into my manifesting scrapbook.

Creating Your Own Manifesting Scrapbook

The instructions for creating your very own manifesting book are very basic. Choose affirmative words and colorful pictures clipped from magazines. Your words and images will tell stories about what you cherish most about your life. You will also want to include the things which you wish to attract into your life. Create as many pages as you like in your manifestation scrapbook. Be sure to include photos of friends, pets, and family. Supplies needed are simple: scissors, paper, glue, magazine clippings, and favorite photos. This art project is a fun way to focus on the things that bring you joy, wellness, prosperity, and more.

Law of Attraction Success Stories From Our Readers

Release Your Desire Into the Universe - I have been a single mother for 7 years, during that time I have had a few disastrous relationships.

I have always wanted a very close special relationship but couldn't find it. I had my heart broken a couple of times but instead of giving up I stated exactly what I wanted my man to be like. I said "I just want to meet someone who is...." etc. to my sister and I wrote it down, my perfect partner and relationship. I then let it go, with absolute faith that one day I would meet him. I did, 2 weeks later! That was a year ago, we are planning to move in together and to have a baby soon after (my next manifestation). I am thankful every day that I discovered The Law Of Attraction, it has truly changed my world. ~rossatron2

I Stopped My Own Success! - The secret to The Secret is not repetition, nor is it luck. You cannot simply repeat whatever it is that you want everyday, and suddenly, it's yours. You must BELIEVE! with every fiber in your being, you must have unwavering faith that success is yours. I would recommend meditation, it helps to clear your thoughts. And the hardest step of all perhaps, is getting clear on what you want. It's so hard to decide that something that may be so other wordly and impossible can come to YOU. It's hard at first, but if you continue to let your doubt stop you, you're stopping yourself. I would know. For months, I decided that my thoughts were somewhat embarrassing. I decided that I didn't deserve to think that I could be a millionaire, or get a 2011 Ford Edge as my first car. THIS IS WRONG! These are your thoughts- no one else's. You are the master, you must believe that. You are in control. Remember, our minds are genies waiting to hear our commands and requests. Don't let the doubt consume you. BELIEVE! ~Tyler

Clothes Horse - This is going to sound so simple, but it was the first time I tried to apply the Law of Attraction to my life or tried to put it to use in my life. I had not been able to find the right outfits to wear for work or casual events for the longest time. The clothes were either the wrong color, or the wrong style, or the wrong size, or way over-priced.

So, one night, before I fell asleep, I decided to try applying the Law of Attraction. I kept thinking over and over that I would find just the right clothes in the right colors -- and style -- and price range -- perfect for me!! I did this almost every night for at least 2 months. Low and behold, one evening, while surfing on the web, I found just what I was looking for -- and not only that, a catalog came in the mail that day directing me to the site. Not only did I find the perfect outfits I was looking for, they were the right style, color and size!! --And, on sale too! ~Stephanie

I Won a Drawing at Work - A few days prior, I had been "practicing" LOA. I went into work that day and noticed there would be a drawing for the grand prize of an iPad Air for showing up to a meeting. I calmly "knew" it was mine. While they were drawing the names, I looked out the window, smiled at the universe, and they called my name. I was SO happy that the LOA worked for me. More happy than the fact that I got my iPad. I truly attribute it to the LOA and now, I know I will be the millionaire I am destined to be. ~Cat

I Built My Dream Life! - When I was about 15 years old, i came across Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret." I read this book almost religiously, to the point where it became an obsession. I kept trying, but to no avail. It just seemed so hard. I Asked, I Believed, but I never Received. I wanted desperately for my mom to get a divorce and get a house, away from my father. But it just seemed so unrealistic, and every time I would ask her about moving, She'd say "No, I cant afford a house" But I didn't give up. I realized that I didn't fully believe in the secret myself! I LET OTHER PEOPLE'S DOUBT INFLUENCE MY BELIEFS! So I changed my thinking. I told myself, "She's nuts. She doesn't know what she's talking about." And I looked for a house on various 'Homes4Sale' type websites. And I found my dream house. I claimed this house as MINE! 6 months later, my mother and I moved into a $400,000 house in the best neighborhood. I have a $40,000 car and I love it. I realized that what was stopping me from my success was myself. I'm so happy. ~Tyler

Got Into My Graduate Masters Program - In my country, one needs a Masters degree to practice psychology. I applied 2 without success and felt hopeless. I was also working at a soul draining job as a secretary to a power hungry ego man. I started visualizing getting into the program (that only accommodates 11 people per year), a series of events led me to be accepted into the program, I complete my masters and applied the Law of Attraction to get my #1 internship and I DID!!!!!! next a great job... I am pretty sure that will happen soon. ~Al

Reality Is What You Make It - Since 2008 when I came across LOA I raised my grades, I was in university then. I have since then read a lot about it and manifested a lot of good in my life but also made mistakes with it. I am always learning and getting better at it just like I learned to walk. Am sure I will be very successful then I am now in the future that I can guarantee any one. It is hard to explain to those who do not believe in it because they have never experienced, hence they don't know it and it is not visible to them. ~dito

Manifested Heart Shaped Rose Quartz - After reading The Secret in holiday in Goa, I requested that if what I had read was true, I wanted to meet more people that had read it and we're using it, within a day or so I met three people that had read it or we're using it, all total strangers! Cool! Also I went to a kinesiology workshop last year and had my chakras checked over with crystals. The crystal that worked with me was the rose quartz, this is for healing the heart chakra, I knew that this was the right crystal for me because I too suffered with depression from around the age of 5, so my heart definitely needed support, I have also had quite a difficult life emotionally... Anyway, a little time later whilst clearing my bedroom, under a pile of washing, in the middle of the floor, I found a heart shaped rose quartz! ~Terri

Tested LOA and It Works..! - I am a firm believer of LOA..recently I anted to simply test myself. There was this guy I met at a restaurant whom I knew before, just by face. I just told my desire strongly that I want to talk to him. I was going thru a rough patch so back of my mind I was also saying "et's see if LOA works." I forgot about this small incident.. 2 days later..exactly 2 days! I get a promotional mail from a event manager for an event I was waiting for, and guess what, the contact person was the same guy! And I actually spoke to him on that phone! It was so amusing. Couldn't stop smiling for a while. ~Andy

Needed a Car and Got It - We were in need of a new car and a Cadillac was available, but the funds were not. I visualized owning the car and affirming that it was now ours. A neighbour and good friend that I looked out for saw the car at my business and asked if it was ours. I said that I had to arrange my finances. Well she immediately said it was ours and she gave me a cheque to buy it, so that it wouldn't go back to the dealer. She told me to pay her back interest free when I had saved, not financed, the funds. Amazing, eh? ~marylucy

Making Dreams Come True! - I am a major music fan, so when one of my favorite artist came to do a show where I live, I used LOA and visualizing twice to win tickets from the radio!! Then this past March, I decided to take it a bit further and visualize meeting the members of a band. I grew up listening to in the 90's. Don't ask me how, but iI found myself on stage with them and got to shake hands and pictures with them. It just proves to me that when you focus on what you want, it will happen, not how you think, but it will just happen!!! ~Katie

Swampland Worth a Million$ - I knew a 65 year old man in Florida who lived in a shack, had no water or electric. His land was taken over by swamp. Everyday he would tell me to look at the gate because he saw it coming. I would ask, "what's coming?" He said, one day a man would walk through the gate and give him a million dollars for his swamp land. I used to laugh or laugh with others when he said it, but everyday without fail, he say, "See that gate? Two years ago, a man walked through the gate and instead of the million, he gave him one and a half million! This is the God's honest truth! Man never lifted a finger to do a thing -- all he did was see it coming! And boy, did it come! ~cheryl