The LDS Church Develops all Manuals and Materials for Gospel Teaching

Outside Materials Should Not, and Need Not, be Used or Relied On

Distribution center church manuals
Caroline Johanson picks up a young women\'s manual at the Distribution Center in Salt Lake City. Photo courtesy of © 2007 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Teachers in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) are largely volunteers. However, any teaching materials they need are developed and mandated by the Church and used worldwide.

By providing these extensive materials, the Church eliminates the need for anyone to access outside materials. Moreover, the Church directs us not to use outside sources.

The Church Develops its Own Curriculum

At its world headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, the Church develops and publishes all the teaching and study manuals used in the Church.

Local church units purchase what they need and distribute the materials to teachers. Or, individuals can purchase them themselves through the Church's Online Store. Also, all teaching and study manuals are now digital and can be accessed online for free. Some teaching materials for youth are wholly digital.

On Sundays the three hour block contains three different meetings. The final two meetings require members to separate into classes by age and gender. The first hour is Sacrament meeting where all members attend together. The second hour is Sunday School and the third hour is separated into priesthood meetings and auxiliary meetings. Children spend the last two hours in Primary.

Teachers for the second and third hours teach the same lessons and follow the same curriculum, regardless of where they are worldwide.

Every Year the Curriculum is Announced

The Church determines what is taught. Instructions and materials are announced sometime in the prior year before the curriculum begins every January.

For adults in Sunday School, there is a four year rotation of scripture study, as well as a basic manual and class for new members. Manuals for optional or special classes also exist.

  1. Old Testament
  2. New Testament
  3. Book of Mormon
  4. Doctrine & Covenants and Church History

Children and youth, both young men and young women, also have their own rotation schedule of study with their own manuals and materials.

Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society Lessons are Flexible

Adults spend the last hour of the three hour block in either Melchizedek priesthood meetings, if they are male, and Relief Society, if they are female. They share some manuals and materials on some weeks of the month and diverge on others.

Even when lessons and meetings are locally determined, they use church materials.

Missionaries Worldwide Use Standard Materials the Church Provides

Any LDS missionary will teach from the standard manual for missionary teaching entitled, Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service. The pamphlets and other media missionaries use are also written and provided to them by the Church.

In some missions, missionaries use mobile media, provided by the Church. These tablets have special administrative and teaching software loaded onto it, so that missionary activities and lessons can be coordinated.

Seminary and Institute Teaching Occurs Outside of Sunday

Gospel teaching occurs outside of Sundays, mostly for teens and young adults. High school age youth often participate in Seminary. Seminary consists of religious classes that augment a student's regular school classes. Institute classes do the same for college and university students.

Teachers in Seminary and Institute can be volunteer or paid professional staff in the Church Educational Stystem (CES). All receive extensive training and materials from the Church.

Students in Seminary and Institute use manuals the Church has written and provided to them.

Volunteer Teachers Must Be Trained

Obviously, with so many teachers and teaching going on, the Church must train its teachers. The Church offers a basic manual for all teachers entitled, Teaching, No Greater Call.

There are other digital teaching resources across the Church's website. Here are some of them:

How to Obtain and Access Other Teaching Resources

Teachers need teaching materials. The Church has always developed these resources for its teachers. However, now they are largely online and digital. Many can be found in the LDS Media LIbrary. Categories in this library include the following:

Whether you are teaching in the home or in a church classroom, there is a wide variety of teaching materials and resources available to you, all developed and made available by the Church.