LDS Primary Singing Time Idea: Music Tree

With Leaves, Hearts, Flowers, and Ornaments

Singing Time Music Tree
Singing Time Music Tree. Rachel Bruner

Here is another fun idea to use during your LDS primary singing time to help children learn new songs, practice singing, and improve their singing volume. This cute Music Tree was created by my mother, Kate Myers, for her own ward's singing time. She has graciously allowed me to share this with you online. (Singing time is part of the Sunday primary organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

Preparation: Download and print the Singing Time Music Tree pdf file below.

Cut out each piece. A great way to protect this singing time music tree is to laminate each piece.

Now you will need to decide how you will display the music tree, such as attaching it to a poster, the wall, a chalk board, a white board, or a felt board. There are several ways you can do this. Some of the items you can use to attach each piece are: tape, felt, magnet (or place magnets on the front to hold each piece in place on a black/white board), pins, or tacks.

After you've prepared your singing time music tree you will need to decide if you will be practicing multiple primary songs or just one. If you will be practicing multiple songs write on the back of each leaf (or heart/flower) the name and page number of a different primary song (do not write on the tree trunk or tree top). If you laminated each piece you can use a dry erase marker to write the songs. This will let make it easy to change the songs you practice in the future.

If you will be practicing just one song you don't need to write anything on the back of the pieces. If your LDS primary children will be learning a new song you can write a few words or phrases from the song on each leaf (or heart/flower) and then have the children pick them in the order of the song as they learn each new part.

Next follow the directions below for using this fun singing time idea with your LDS primary children.

Download and Print:

Images Created By: Kate Myers

Note: In exchange for this free LDS Primary singing time idea, please share with us where you are from and how many primary children are in your singing time. Please post your answer in the comments: Music Tree

There are several different ways you can use the music tree during singing time. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Choose a child and have them place the tree's trunk on the board.
  2. Choose another child to place the tree top on the top of the tree.
  3. Ask the children what is missing from the tree.
  4. Tell the children that the best singers (or attempt at singing) will get to help you add the leaves (or hearts/flowers).
  5. Practice singing a primary song.
  6. Choose a child that was singing and let them pick a leaf (or heart/flower) and place it on the music tree.
  7. Practice singing the song (or phrase of the new song) on the back of the piece.
  1. Repeat until all the leaves (or hearts/flowers) are on the music tree.
  2. Tell the primary children what a wonderful job they did and how pretty the tree looks with all its leaves (or hearts/flowers).

Optional Music Tree: Instead of printing the singing time music tree, you can create your own tree out of colored construction paper. Take a brown piece of paper and using a black marker draw the outline of a tree trunk. Add a face (you can use white, black, and pink construction paper to make the eyes and mouth). On another piece of brown paper draw the top of the tree with several branches. Cut leaves out of colored paper (green, yellow, red, orange, or brown). Cut hearts out of pink or red paper. Cut flowers out of colored paper and add leaves, and centers (yellow circles or hearts). You can add shading to each piece with colored chalk, markers, or crayons.

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