Learn Basic Spanish With These Free Printables

These free Spanish printables will help you learn, review, and reinforce basic Spanish words and phrases. Included are instructionals for learning numbers, colors, and the alphabet.

If it's not already clear, "printables" here just means that the material can be printed off. In fact, they're made specifically for that; you can save them for free and take them anywhere with you, or use them to teach others basic Spanish.

For more Spanish language learning resources, consider these free Spanish worksheets that will help you reinforce your skills. If you'd like to learn another language, there are also some free French worksheets.

Learn Spanish Numbers

These free printables will help you learn and review numbers in Spanish from 1 to 100. There are flashcards, number of the day activities, and triangle puzzles.

Spanish numbers printout
Printable Spanish Flashcards.

Free Spanish Alphabet Printables

Learn the Spanish alphabet with these free resources which include sheets with the complete alphabet and coloring pages.

Spanish alphabet PDF
The Spanish Alphabet.
  • The Spanish Alphabet: Print this full Spanish alphabet to learn the ABC's.
  • Spanish ABC Coloring Pages: These free, printable coloring pages feature each letter of the Spanish alphabet along with an item that starts with that letter as well as the name of that item. Both uppercase and lowercase coloring pages are available.
  • Spanish Alphabet Chart: A Spanish alphabet chart where each letter has a picture along with the word.
  • Spanish Alphabet Worksheet: Here's a resource that lists all the letters of the Spanish alphabet as well as how to pronounce them.

Learn Spanish Colors

Review all the Spanish words for colors with these identification and crossword printables.

Spanish colors crossword puzzle
Spanish Colors Crossword.
  • Colors and Shapes in Spanish: Use the word bank at the bottom of the page to identify each shape as well as its color.
  • Colors in Spanish: This is a word search puzzle where you need to find all the basic colors in Spanish. This will be a challenge, there's no word bank available.

More Free Spanish Printables

Here are some more free Spanish learning printouts to help you learn greetings, vocabulary, animals, opposites, items around the house, feelings, and parts of the body.

Spanish feelings PDF printout
Feelings in Spanish.
  • Label Things Around Your House: This file contains lots of ordinary household items in both Spanish and English. You can print and cut out the Spanish terms and place them around your house for easy learning.
  • Opposites Cards: Print off this set of "opposite cards" to learn Spanish words that are opposites of each other. Be sure to fold the paper down the center of both columns to separate the two sets of words. Here's another that might be easier to read.
  • Parts of the Head: This drawing labels each part of the head and face along with both the English and Spanish words.
  • Greetings in Spanish: Learn how to greet people in Spanish with this free printable. There are places to write out the words after learning them to help with memorization.
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